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Can I be a cop If i have tattoos?
Ok, I am 18 years old, I study Law Enforcement as my major at Western Illinois University. I have 7 tattoos, 4 visible on my arm... I want to know if i can get a job as a police officer without covering them up all the time. I saw on cops a cop with a big tatt on his arm, and I have heard people (friends who don't know what they are talking about) say things like "you cant be a cop with those tatts," but i was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this or where they allow or dont allow, or really just anything about this topic... anything helps guys, thanks a lot!

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Under cover narcotics detective.

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You would never be able to do undercover work, that I know. Because people will use your tattoos as indentifying marks.

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Mildred S
i don't know if they are allowed or not. i would think you could have one as long as it is covered by the uniform. i do not think they look right for a policeman but i'm old fashioned.

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yes you can be a cop the dept will make you cover them up with your clothing while you are on duty. In the winter you don't have to wear about because they are going to be covered up regardless. But in the summer you will have to wear the long sleeve shirt probably year long. As far as working undercover someone said that you won't be able to work undercover that's wrong in chicago undercover anything goes (regarding what you look like it doesn't matter then) it's while on duty in uniform that have to be covered by clothing

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Lot of old marines and navy people on local dept. Official rule is tats can't be visible in day time.

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Just Another One
I'm sure you can, but why would you want to do that?!?!

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Space Chicken
Yes. I've seen many cops with tatoos.

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Depends on how you wear it really. It would be like any job interview, you must be able to keep them looking tidy. There's nothing against the law about tatoos, and anyway, if you're good enough and you have enough pasison for the job, they're bound to accept you no matter what you've done to your skin. But still, keep it tidy..Let them know you have tatoos, and it shouldn't really bother the interviewers anyway.

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Depends on the tatoo and city you wanna work in

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A friend of mine was a cop and he had tats.

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Todd S
It will depend upon the department's dress code. It probably won't be a problem unless the tattoos are in any way offensive.

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A Conservative Voice
You have a better chance at being a Probation Officer or especially a Corrections officer. My boy who works with me( I am a C/O) has them from his neck to his feet. But yes some law enforcement jobs will allow them to go uncovered as long as they are not offensive.

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Yeah you can, I went to the academy with a guy with tattoos up and down both arms. You might have to wear a long sleeve shirt year round though.

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In California, they can not be visible while in uniform.

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Many police officers in my department have tattoos, but we do have a policy that none can be visible. So if you worked here, you'd have to wear long sleeved shirts all the time to cover them up.

If any of them say F.T.P I would cover them up for the interview!

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yes you can be a cop with your tatts you just have to cover them up while on duty. in the CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL you cant have any visible tatts showing while on duty or while your in the academy. i went on a ride-along with an officer who has a tatt on his arm and it just barley shows below the end of the short sleeve uniform shirt he wore. that's okay but if you tatts up and down one or both of your arms you stuck wearing long sleeves or body makeup year round. plus it depends on the department you want to join the local ones were i live they don't care if you have tatts but if you want to go state or fed you'll gonna have to call and see what their policy is.

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Kenneth C
Depends on the department. Some won't allow visible tattoos. Others allow it if they aren't offensive. Some don't allow them, but let you work there as long as you cover them up while on duty (long sleeve shirt year round).

So like I said, depends on the department, there is no set rule. Call the PDs you are interested in and ask.

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Good question, and very controversial. It could also be a matter of discrimination. I had tattoos in the military, and on the Police department, and they were visible. I was asked if any were gang related. when I said no, the subject was dropped. Times have changed. It will probably depend on the department policy, and what the tattoos are.

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