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 I know after being convicted of a felony it never goes off your record but how long does it normally take?
where employers don't look that far back??? i heard 7 years but wasnt too ...

 How come there are more gun deaths in the US than in Canada?

 During the G20 protest march in London, and the way the Police acted against the Protesters,?
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 Should I pay my traffic tickets?
I'm trying to get my citizenship and I want to know if I have to pay my tickets first will that get in the way of getting ...

 Will i b attacked if i go out late at night?
its past midnight and im craving a pb&j sandwich with milk and cookies

is it safe if i run to the corner CVS , being that its past midnight, i live on the border of a ghetto city,...

 Plz help me with thoseeeeeeeeeeeeee?10 points?
Most drivers make __________ driving errors for every 20 decisions they make while driving.


Other drivers depend on you to be rational and ______...

 Can I carry a pocket knife into a store?
No criminal intents I use it throughout the day, will stores detect it?...

 Can I call the police if someone is calling me when i asked them or told them to stop?
i dont want this guy calling me because he is making my life miserable. I told him that if he calls again then i will call the police and report him and i think he will stop but i want to know if he ...

 Can a mall security guard take me out of the Mall?
Restroom cleaner called a security cop to take me out of the shopping mall because i washed my feet in the restroom. I told to the cleaner that i am going to clean here but he never listened me and ...

 Ive got a serious vandalism problem..?
-over the course of the last 3-4 month my friends car have been painted with giant ***** on the windshields 7 different times!
-it has happened at my house and a friend of mines (we live within 2...

 Caught shoplifting :( help..?
UGH!! i just got caught shoplifting and the place said that they wouldnt call the police.. and they did !!! and i have a police report against me..
do u think that it will stay on my record ...

 Can you buy real police uniforms or get them somehow?
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 Need help with a misdemeanor citation?
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 Will a domestic assualt cause u not to get a job?

 Friend in jail for Robbery/Xanax/Discharge Firearm in Public?
Hello, my friend got arrested 6 months ago for Armed Robbery, Discharge of firearm in public, and possession of Xanax. It is his first charge for everything. Can anyone tell me what kind of sentence ...

 Different detectives and how to..?
I really believe in public service and would like to become a detective.

SO badly

(1)What are the different detective positions
(2)What is highest paying/least paying

 I have a problem I don't know what to do.. about a sex offender?
Ok so this man started talking to me via facebook. I'm 22. He worked at one of my jobs in AK and he's 43. The talk was all good at first talking about the old job and about the small town. T...

 Child Porn on Blogs Now?
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 Are there any cops that beat up prisoners ?
i mean, do any cops treat prisoners like crap and bash them into walls?
or kick them in the floor and so on?...

 In texas can you leave when you're 17 and the police can't do anything if your parents know you're safe?
just wondering. just tell me what CAN HAPPEN. i know it's "illegal"

but i heard you can just leave and the police can't do anything except inform the parents that the ...

Can CPS (child protection service) demand us to drug test?
My wife and I have been stellar parents and we were surprised by 2 CPS workers on friday, 04/17/09, they stated that they had a report that we were smoking pot with our 14 yr old daughter and giving her vicodin. They searched our house briefly, checked our food supply, running water...ect, and all was fine. I showed them my daughters precribed .5 vicodin bottle from her dentist. I had been assaulted by my 24 yr old stepson about a week earlier and pressed charges against him. WE DO NOT smoke pot or take any other illegal drugs and have never smoked pot with our daughter. I am sure this is angry revenge tactic of my stepson, he was the only one that knew our daughter was having dental work and had been prescibed vicodin.When the workers handed us forms to go to the Crime Lab to get drug tested I stated "If we are supposedly smoking pot with our daughter, why not test her also? My understanding once a file is made on us, even if found "unfounded" as it will, it will show we were investigated by CPS on our records for 10 years! I have raise 5 step children and 2 daughters of my own (7 total), I have always wanted to have children and when I married my wife,along with taking on 5 kids, many thought I was crazy! Yes she was raising them on welfare, but then I stepped up and gave them a life they had never had, new school clothes, Cheer leading, Go Kart racing and overall stability. Our oldest continued her education (with our asistance) and she now has her Bachelors and Masters Degree's. I am so insualted and angry and its so obvious that this is just revenge for throwing out my lazy 24 yr old stepson that I have help so much and was physically assualted serverly in my face as he left, he has had 3 children by the time he was 21, all on welfare and now are in foster care due to CPS, and rightfully so! I believe I am protected by the HEPA law for my personal medicines that is my own private information. I have nothing to hide and they will not find any illegal drugs in either of us, its just the point that he (my stepson) can still keep "slapping me in the face", yet they can't find him to arrest him. This is his 2nd assault charge also. PLEASE give me any advice you have, I am pursueing legal advice today. 04/20/09.......................Thank-You... RAS

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kleighs mommy
yes they can as your word is exactly that your word and to them it holds nothing

get a restraining order on the son

they can require random tests at their convenience not yours as well

take the test when they ask if you have nothing to hide why are you asking this

seems to me there is some truth to it since your scared

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This is obviously a serious matter. Retain an attorney to represent your interests and advise you regarding how the law applies in this situation. Do it today, do not delay.

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You stated "My understanding once a file is made on us, even if found "unfounded" as it will, it will show we were investigated by CPS on our records for 10 years!"

If your case is Ruled Out you can request you and your wife be removed as the persons in question of abuse. The Crime Lab will test you and when it comes back negative CPS should be able to close the case Ruled Out after they finish the investigation, which is usually a period of 30-60 days.

HIPA does protect medical information, however CPS usually asks you sign a waiver in cases such as these where medical collaterals are needed to confirm any past drug work that would reveal drug use, as well as suspected prescription drug abuse. If you do not cooperate, CPS can request Orders to Participate from the court. Lawyers do not usually fight CPS investigations as the state requires CPS to investigate suspicions of child abuse. If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason not to participate to move the process along more quickly.

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