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 What city do you think has the most petty cops?
I have lived in a lot of different towns, and never ever have I seen worse policing, than Corvallis, Oregon!! I was just curious if there are any other towns, that cops pull you over for the ...

 Anyone know why they seperate child molesters from others in prison?
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 Why do North Americans like their police big and fat?
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 Do police officers feel superior than other people ?

 If a 14yo lied to the officer about her last name...?
...and address because she was innocent but were with friends that stole (at the mall)and happened to be them at the time then claiming her mom would kill her for the incident so lied and gave her ...

 What if someone broke into your house and..?
Say someone broke into your house with a gun and you had one also. If you shot them and they died would you get charged with a felony, or would it be self-defense?...

 Got caught?
My mom and dad turned me into the police because they found a meth lab in my room and like 400 ecstacy pills and a few pounds of marijuana and i'm 14. Will i Go 2 jail???

Im really ...

 Should Scooter Libby go to jail for having the name Scooter?

 What would you do if someone bit your childs arm ?
would you call the police? my sons 10 and the girl who bit him is 13! she bit him because he wanted his bike back..
Additional Details
well i would of gone to see her mum and dad but she ...

 When somebody is on Death row, how do they exactly get killed?
I need this infromation for my project. Help por favor?...

 Wisconsin Shooter 6 dead,, 20 YO deputy sheriff? is that right? how is that?
I feel really bad for the familys, my deepest sympathy goes out them.

But back to the question,
How is it that this guys was a deputy sherriff at the age of 20? Don't they have ...

 Can a lawyer refuse to defend a client if they believe they are guilty?
If a lawyer sees a client and they admit they did the crime, can the lawyer refuse to defend him or do they have certain procedures they have to follow? Always wanted to know what happens...??...

 Do you think cops help us?
Cops will beat you up as soon as you say sumit affensive they'll try there hardest not to shoot a civillin whos bin taken hostage but theyll shoot em if they haf 2 if its another cop thats bin ...

 Is your driving record wiped at 18?
I am curious, because I've often heard that your criminal record is wiped at the age of 18, when one becomes an adult, and I was wondering if the same was true for ones driving record....

 Why are cops always busting up the party and ruining it for everybody?
Cops hear about a party a bunch of young people, teens, are throwing and they go and raid the place arresting people. Why? the kids were just minding their own business and having fun. Should the ...

 Ivdropped assault charges on my partner will he get bail rather than kept on remand?
my partner was remanded for assault on myself i have dropped charges his solicitor has applied for judging chambers will he get out on bail when he appears at court through video link ...

 How dumd is that?
By posting my question "Should I call the police" I was secretly hoping that someone out there would somehow trace this and call for me. No I am not stupid I am so worn down by this guy I ...

 Verbally abused and threatened by one young cop while the other watched?
I was driving along when I noticed a young policeman out of his vehicle shouting down to a driver of a citizen's car(driver's side). He saw me looking and he didnt like me looking. So I ...

 The Police and the Government...?
Will it be all hell let loose if the Government don't give the Police the pay they deserve and they go on STRIKE...

y do the drug dealers and murderers get 20+ years but child molesters and pedophiles get months? thats bull they should have their nuts chopped off for violatin a ...

Can't Make A Court Date Tomorrow - Help!?
I may be able to make the court date but I am just weighing out my options if I cannot make it. The court date is for unpaid association fees at my condo. I just havent had the money in the last few months and they are suing me. I know I am responsible for the money and attend to paying it off this month. If I do miss the court date will they issue a bench warrant? If i go to the court this week but dont have the money, will they arrest me?
I have never been in legal trouble so I am just freaking out.
Can anyone help?
Additional Details
Thanks for everybody's response that were helpful. I called this morning and got a new date. I live out of state now and they never technically served me papers. They taped them to my mom's door and by the time I got them, I couldnt get a flight to Michigan for anything I could afford. At any rate, they gave me a new date so I have time to get tickets. Thanks again.

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You will be arrested if you do not go to court on your court date.

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Melissa Loves Lip Glass

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Skipping the court date is the worst thing you can do. It says:

I'm a coward.
I know I owe the money and I refuse to pay it.

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Samia ' ♥

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Man you better take your butt to court and at least face the judge and show that you are at least trying to cooperate. Who knows, they may give you more time. But if you don't go you won't have a chance

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I don 't think for a money judgement they'll issue a warrant, but they will rule against you - meaning that money you owe will be on your credit report and they can come after you to collect it. I also think if you just don't have the money and admit it, they'll rule against you. You should have contacted the court or an attorney long before this.

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You will get a judgement against you and the association can lien your property,attach wages,or draw a demand draft from your bank acct.

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If you skip a criminal court case you can be found in contempt of court and a warrant will be placed for your arrest. If it is a civil court case you will automatically lose your case. Just go to the court date and tell them you are having financial difiiculties. Payment options can be arranged.

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call and request an extension, or do it online

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This is a civil matter, the HOA will just get a judgment against you and then they can garnish wages, lien your condo and other lovely things. It would be best to go, you know that you owe the money so go there and work out some payment plan with them, you are going to be responsible for their attorney fees and court cost also.

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If it is civil (unpaid fees) and you simply don't show up they will rule against you. You need to ask for a continuance.

If it was criminal they could issue an arrest warrant for you.

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Well don't miss the court date because that will just make things worse. Go to the court and see what can be worked out with the judge.

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they will probably give you a payment plan if you go to court and explain yourself. if you do not go, they will probably issue a warrant for your arrest and then the fines will double or triple at least. not to mention being in jail...

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If you don't show up, there will be a default judgement against you. This will not only be for the amount you owe, it will include the filing fees and attorneys fees on top of it.

If there is a reason you cannot make it, call the court and see if you can get it rescheduled BEFORE the court date tomorrow. If you're not going because you don't have the money, tell them that WHEN YOU'RE THERE. Skipping it is just going to make the situation worse.

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You are WAY better off showing up without the money than not showing up at all. If you come and make a good faith agreement to pay the money by a certain date then you stand a good chance of coming out of the whole thing with a good settlement and no record.

Good luck, and do whatever you have to in order to appear.

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John Chalinder MT USA GMT -7
If you just blow it off, you will lose the case by default and face eviction and a financial judgement against you.

Depending on the jurisdiction and their 'discretional lattitude' you might also be subject to a warrant for 'failure to appear' (not good to ignore court orders).

First, you can try to work out something with the property association and ask them for more time. If not, then go to the court clerk and ask for a continuance to allow you 'time to pull together your case'. If you are too late to see the court clerk, then show up for the hearing, explain your situation then and ask for a continuance.

As long as you keep communication open, most courts will work with you on this. If you have one, your lawyer should be doing this footwork for you.

Good luck.

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