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 Does the DMV in Las Vegas, Nevada have the driving test in spanish?
okay, in las vegas nevada.
Does it have the driving test ( you know when you drive to get your liscense?)? thanks .
Does it have it in any other languages besides english?...

 Can i get my licenses now?!!??!?
so i got my permit in december at the age of 16 ( i was to lazy to get it wen i was 15) and my ex said that if u get ur permit when ur 16 you dont have to wait a full year and you can only wait 6 ...

 What about if a car is registered under my name and it's insurance is under my name but the title isn't?
is the car mine or what? and could i get the title under my name?...

 The a2 restricted licence help?
im just enquiring do you need to have completed the motorcycle theory test to take this a2 test or ...

 Provisational license in NJ?
How many traffic tickets do you need before the MVC can suspend a provisational license? I have two, none of them are really severe. One was a parking violation and the other was because I 'ran ...

 Can I be cited for no registration or something else?
Los Angeles County, California.
I purchased a car (private party) on March 29th, 2009. The seller of the car has not given me the title because he lost it. I've made an appointment to go to ...

 If I have insurance on a car, but I borrow another person's car,?
am I still covered for being on insurance period? Or would I still either get a ticket or go to jail if I got pulled over for not being on the insurance?...

 Car broke just got insurance letter can i sell car?
i just posted a similar question but my car is non drivable at the moment if i sell or transfer ownership of the car will i still be liable for sending in proof of insurance?...

 How cheap is insurance rates for a 16 year old driving a ford escape?
Okay. I recently got a ford escape. I understand that I am not old enough to sign the contract to have insurance, so I am getting my parents to, and I will be paying the premiums. I am a 16 year old ...

 Do I need to renew my permit before getting my license?
I'm 15 years old and I was going to get my license as soon as I turned 16 (in a couple of months)
My problem is that my permit expires a month before I turn 16.
-If I do need to renew ...

 What do I have to do to get a full drivers license in NYC?
I have a permit now, I want to get a license so that I can drive to prom, which is actually on my 18th birthday. I know I have to take a 5 hour course, but is that all?...

 Will insurance companies cover depreciated value from a accident thats not your fault if not a total loss?

 Is having clear lights on a car class it as modified on insurance?
i have just bought a 307 2.0 hdi and thinking of putting clear lights on the back to match the front but was wondering if it class it as modified on insurance any hep will be appreciated ...

 If your license is suspended in Massaachutts and not a resident can i drive in another state?
if your license is suspended in Massaachutts and not a resident can i drive in another ...

 In michigan i have had my permit for 180 days but?
actually its been more like 174. The thing is, it will be 180 days before it has been 6 months. and since i took drivers ed late and have been 16 for a while, i want to get my liscense ASAP! can i ...

 I got jacked for over 300 dollars last night?
anyone know how i can maybe make that money back quickly?
i have a job but i work at mickey d's so im not makin much money.
Anyone have an ideas how to get it back quickly?

 Do I just have to take the driving test if i'm 18 in Texas?
Living overseas and returning to Texas for college. I looked on the site but it's confusing. Any information would be a great help. Thanks!...

 What can they do to him if they catch him driving so fast?
my cousin is 15 and because i am still 14 and love speed when i go in the can with him he drives really fast and we have a lough. in cyprus the maximum highway speed is 62.14 mph and he ends up ...

 I need an opinions for some dmvs please....?
I am either taking my driving test in Costa Mesa or in Westminster. I was wondering if anyone knows exactly where they test you for both places so i can study. I am not asking for the course at all, I...

 DMV California is my driving test free?
I'm 19 years old somebody told me that if you are over the age of 18 in the state of california that you don't have to pay for the behind the wheel driving test is this true?...

Will a no-seat belt ticket show up on car insurance bills?
If you are given a ticket for not wearing a seat IN CONNECTICUT, will the information of the ticket appear on the insurance bill (location, time, etc)? How much of an increase in the bill can be expected?

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Monty D
For auto insurance the quick way to get a very good quote is do a policy comparison on car policies. Make sure that you compare similar policies with the same limits, car model, location, etc so that all options are a good comparison.

What I usually recommend is an online comparison quote at http://www.lowratetoday.com since they have lots of insurers and will give multiple prices on auto insurance polices.

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Ryan M
Yes, but only if you pled guilty and get points. If u don't get any points then your insurance wont go up. and depends on what type of policy that you have arranged with ur company but usually around 20% and it depends on your age to

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Karel N
moulcom, I suggest you visit a local car insurance agent to help. Since I live in Hawaii I can't recommend an agent in Connecticut, but here is an resource that can help you. http://www.simpleautoquotes.com/Auto-Insurance.html

Good Luck.

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