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lucy b
Why is my vehicle registration non transferable?
my vehicle registration certificate states that my regisration is non-transferble. I really don't know why that would be the case, does anyone have any ideas?

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how about each time the vehicle is sold the state gets paid again

note that this is the REGISTRATION a fee paid to use the car in the state by an individual and not the TITLE ( the certificate of ownership )

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Because it's specific to the vehicle which you have registered - it cannot be used on another chassis number unless it is a private plate.

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just me
What state are you talking about?? It could have to do with the plates themselves that they can not be put on a different car. If you are in New York, older vehicles the registration was the title and could be transferred because it was the title. Now that they have actual titles in NY, the registrations say non-transferable so people know the difference. Actually the old ones said Transferable, and that was used as a title.

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I think its because you or someone before you had a private plate and when the private one is taken of and a new number give to it you cannot sell the new number plate so now non transferble

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Sir Sidney Snot
Any registration number can be transferred from any vehicle as long as it's MOT'd


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Bob the Boat
It is non-transferable in that you shouldn't just screw the plates onto a different vehicle, as the VIN No won't match, nor the chassis & engine ID.
This is all on your MOT certificate for that registration.
However - there is a form available from the DVLA in Swansea, If I remember correctly it is a DT50.
Duly filled in, all is well with re-registering to a diffent vehicle.
I bought a car recently, and the previous keeper wished to keep his "cherished" No. plate, for use on his new car.
No problem. I just picked a new No from DVLA, fiddled with all the paperwork, and all happened without big problems.

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barn owl
I think it means that you cannot transfer your number plate to another vehicle

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Often it is because someone has put some effort into getting the original number restored on an old car that had been re-registered at some point in its life.
The system for doing this was put in place for the benefit of classic car enthusiasts, ensuring that the original number could be restored to a car if it could be proved that it did belong to that car, improving the originality of the car.
To prevent people making a fast buck by buying old cars that originally had valuable numbers, getting the old number restored, then selling off the old number at a profit, restored numbers are not transferable.
Q-plate numbers (assigned to cars of unknown, or unverified age) are also not transferable.

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