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Who owns a car the person on the log book or the person who paid for it?

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To ∞ N-Beyond

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The person on the log book is the owner according to DVLA & Insurance company... Legally though if you wanted to 'protect' your money spent you could be clear with proof of ownership by purchase if for example you were in a relationship & purchased / assisted your partner... say then you split up - you have retention of evidence that you are the rightful owner despite the named owner on logbook & insured person...

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Alex T
The name on the logbook is the owner of the car. For example I could buy a car, but register it as yours and it wouldn't belong to me, it would be yours.

But if the car is on finance and not paid off yet, then even if my name was on the logbook technically the finance company actually owns the vehicle.

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The person on the logbook is the registered owner.

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The person on the registration/ownership/title/log book

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I'm not sure what you mean by "log book". This sounds like something British. In the U.S. there is a legal "Title" for each car. What ever name or names (more than one may be listed) are on the title as "owners" are the legal owners of the car and it cannot be sold without their signing the title over to a new owner.

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person on the logbook

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The name on the title is the owner of the vehicle. It doesn't matter who paid for the vehicle.

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desert camel
whoever payed for it...the reg doc specifies ''the registered keeper is not nessaserlsay the legal owner''...
get your document,section 5,in between the ''registerd keeper'' and the name youll see C.4c-it tells you there....

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The person on the log book is the keeper and responsible for it but not necessarily the owner.

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As basically everyone else has already said....

The person who paid for the car is the owner. The person on the logbook is the registered keeper. The registered keeper should be the person who is responsible for the car (as any speeding tickets etc. will be sent to them).

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