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 Can I be on my moms insurance with a car in my name?
I live in new jersey I am 18 years old buying my first car. It will be in my name, I am already on my moms insurance since I drive her car now but when I get my car it is going to be in my name......

 My license got suspended before i was able to fight it. are they allowed to do this?
ok tonight i found out my license was suspended. about 4 weeks ago i got pulled over for driving without insurance, it was my friends car and i was unaware of this. when i went to appear in court i ...

 In a car accident, what are the names of the people that come out and take pictures of your car?

 Does a pull behind camper from the 60's need a title.?
Does a pull behind camper from the 60's need a title.? Or could i just get it registered from the numbers on the tonge?. The last owner has had it for many years but can't find a title for ...

 Can you buy car insurance for six months?
I'm only looking to insure my car for six months this time as I'm going to be going abroad for six months. Does anyone know if this is possible?

 Ha anyone ever used omni to beat a drug test?

 How soon after an accident do you have to report it to your agent?
I backed up into a friend's car in my drive way and dented the door. We waited a couple f days for her to get estimates to see if we even wanted to go through the insurance company or pay out of ...

 Should I mail in my registration or go to an autotag place?
PennDot never sent me my registration and now it expired. I called and they said they mailed it, but I never got it! They told me to either mail it back in with an MV-44 (for free) and it could take 3...

 About Auto Insurance?
Hello _____,

I am interested in a new business venture. I would like to start a limousine company based in Hicksville, NY with two 12- Passenger vans. The drivers will be NYC taxi drivers ...

 Insurance Question- 2 Policies, or Short Term Insurance?
My son just passed his driving test and he wishes to be put onto his mothers insurance. He's 17 and the company his mother is with will not allow anyone under 21 to be put on her policy. Is ...

 I was rear ended in another state?
i'm from MD and i was driving to NC and when i went to change lanes i got rear ended. i was halfway or more successfully into the lane and was hit directly behind. when i looked up the guy was ...

 Does anyone know what it costs to change your license to a TN one?
We just moved to TN, and my husband and I need to get our licenses changed from our previous state, and I was just wondering if anyone knew if it cost anything to change them, and if so what it would ...

 Canadian drivers license being converted to British license?
Alright, I always wanted to live in London for a time period but, I wanna know what do I have to do to obtain the ability to get my license registration there so I can live there as a proper citizen ...

 Car accident with no insurance?
My car was in an accident yesterday. My son was driving my car even though it has no insurance because at this point I can not afford it with the way the economy is so I have chosen to use public ...

 Can you change your address on your Provisional Online?

 Can i register a car in QLD if my licence is NSW?

 Complicated title transfer and registration problem!?
We have two cars from Wisconsin, but we live in Maryland. The thing is that My brother went to the college in Wisconsin, and he bought two cars in Wisconsin. Therefore, the insurance company , as ...

 Are aluminum number plates illegal ?
You know the number plates which are black and silver, where the numbers are pressed into it. Like the ones you get on vintage cars?

Are you allowed to put these onto 'normal' ...

 How do i know when i buy from an individual it will have a clean title?

 Missing title for a car?
I'm trying to buy this car online right and this guys says the car DOES have a title but he bought it on ebay and the title has "too many names on it" and that the vin matches and a ...

Where can I find a sample of a counter offer letter for an auto insurance company?
There was an accident and I just want the money back for medical and damage to my car without going to court. I made an offer and they came back really low. I don't want to appear as a complete moron so I would like to see an example of a counter offer letter to send back to them. I would really appreciate the help!

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Vicky D
For automobile insurance the quick way to get a great rate is do a rate comparison on car policies. Make sure that you pick similar options with the same deductibles, car type, location, etc so that all options are a good comparison.

What I most often recommend is an internet comparison quote at http://www.lowratetoday.com since they have discount insurers and can give multiple prices on car insurance polices.

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Just compose a nice simple, to the point letter. Say that you do not accept their offer as presented. Specify that you will not settle for anything less than $$$..... (whatever amount you want), and then say that if they do not agree to that amount, you will take the matter to court. Then don't back down no matter what they propose. Just keep saying, "I guess we will see you in court."

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There is no form that I know of. Just write up a short letter with your proposal

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Scott W
just make sure that you get what you have coming to you,because they will screw you if they can and if they play too many games tell the you are calling you attorney.

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Geralyn J
moniw5, I recommend an online insurance quote. It's free and quick to do. http://www.goodinternetdeals.com/Auto-Insurance.html

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