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 When 3 cars are in accident who's fault is it?
If a driver in front stops abruptly or crashes into something, is the second guy responsible for hitting the first guy? What if theres a third car and it hits the middle car?
Additional Details<...

 Pulled over by cop, no license, no car insurance and making unsafe turn?
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 I'm 20 years old with 2 years driving experience.?
How much can I expect to pay for insurance on a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4? Thanks. Just curious. If its not possible to do this, how do these bow wows and chris browns pull it off????

 Insurance accident question?
i hit a deer with my car driving at night. I want to know if i make an insurance claim will my insurance go up. We have dealer plates because my dad owns a shop. We never been into any accidents with ...

 I received a ticket for driving without insurance ...?
I have a court date on Monday. I've been advised to put insurance on the car I was driving and take proof of insurance to court with me. I, however, can't afford to maintain insurance on ...

 Is there any way to get compensation for being without a car?
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 What is the point of traffic school?
What is the point of traffic school? I remember I got two tickets in high school, paid the fees, went to traffic school. . .and when I went to get new insurance, the tickets we're still on my ...

 Why do I have to be on my wifes insurance if I am disabled and I am unable to drive?

 If you get rear ended in a auto accident and my car was 20,000 dollars to repair can I sue for loss of depreci
Should i sue the other parties for the loss of value on my vechile.Now that my car has been in a serious accident I can never get the true value of my car when I sell it.Someone should be responsible ...

 No insurance?
what happen if you get in a car crush and have no insurance for that car my on friend wants to ...

 If I have a provisional license , a car and im 17 years old what can I do in terms of driving?
Do I need insurance to drive under a provisional license?...

 My parked car was hit by a drunk driver. Police said his insurance expired a week earlier, What can I do?
HIs insurance expired February 16th and he hit my car February 23rd. I want to know if his insurance company gives a grace period after the due date for payment. I called his company by the name of ...

 My car got hit in a parking lot. Will my insurance incrase because of this?

 My friends car on my property?
I know its funny but, to help him out I said it was okay to leave his car on my property. Now almost 2 years later I cant find where the heck he is. He told me that the car will be paid of in augest ...

 Do you think it's true that people who have new red cars have higher insurance bills?
I heard this on the news and from other people, but is it true. If you have a new red colored car can you tell me if your bills are higher than other people you know. I mean they said that even if ...

 Who owns this car?
I paid 1/3 cash for a car, since I did not have a SSN in US (Live in Maryland) my friend is first on the loan and I am second. I am on the title (MD title), not my friend, but the bank is a bit ...

 Car insurance for a 16 year old???
I live near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and have a 3.2 G.P.A and would be driving a 1996 4WD Chevrolet Blazer....we got a quote threw Progressive and they said it would be like $400 dollars a ...

 Can I drive my parents' car if I am not on their insurance?
-Currently in college out in NYC and I don't have a car out there
-Parents are in CA and they took me off of their insurance when I left
-I'm going back home for a couple of weeks ...

 Can u drive a car without plates?
i was watching top gear's american road trip and they were driving across the south with freshly bought cars without plates, can you actualy do that?...

 I need cheap car insurance?
I am a 18 year old female and i have some violations against me such as speeding, driving with a suspended license and failure to yield ticket. My parents won't put me on there insurance so i ...

When it is raining do you turn your lights on on your car?
i think you do but im not for sure and i cant find it anywhere in the book i was just wondering if you are supposed to turn your lights on on your car if its raining....im getting my license tomorrow and it is supposed to rain here in oklahoma so i need to know asap.....thanks

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You should for safety reasons, but it isn't mandatory. If you feel safer doing it, then do it! Turning your lights on doesn't really affect anything in your car (just don't leave them on all night!). If your'e a first time driver, you need to be careful and cautious if it's raining hard, but don't freak out, it's not that bad.
Well have fun driving, but not too much fun! Be safe in the rain!

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Mandatory in California....if your wipers are going, so are your lights

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When your windshield wipers are on - turn on your headlights.

Even if it's over cast and not raining and you think having your headlights on would help other cars see you -- turn them on.

When in doubt - turn your head lights on. I've never known anyone to get a ticket for having their headlights b/c you did not need them. As a matter of fact, that's way daytime running lights are similar to.

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pepe el toro
yes it is mandatory

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Here in California it is a law that if your wipers are operating your lights will be on. I have no clue about Oklahoma though.

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I &lt;3 my Suby.
In my state it is law to have light on when wipers are on. But no one seems to do it. I for one have my lights on all the time. I just betters my chances of being seen by other drivers. Too many people look then signal after they have begun to move into my lane. If the retard notices my lights then it's worth it.

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As a rule of thumb, turn your lights on always. It's mandatory in some places and improves your visibility. Not what you see, it makes you more visible.
Rain makes vision difficult. If you have your lights on, you'll be seen.

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most states have laws saying that if your windshield wipers are on your lights must be on as well.

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This situation seems to be covered under section 12-210 (B)(2) of the Oklahoma Vehicle Code. IE: all required ights must be displayed when unfavorable atmospheric conditions reduce visibility to less that 1000 feet.

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Yes. I live in Oklahoma and you have to have them on when its raining.
Congrats on the license.

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