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 Car Title Question (Boyfriend/Girlfriend Situation..Why?)?
My b-friend's bad credit did not allow him to purchase a car. He asked me to co-sign. I was very reluctant & instead opted to have the car title in my name. I know this is huge no-no! But I ...

 Driving theory test by april?
Im from belfast. Im hearing a lot of rumours that if you dont have ur theory test done by thsi april, under new rules, u cant drive until u are 21?

could someone please ...

 Licence plate border not allowed?
I was told by a police officer that a border around a licence plate is not allowed. This was just around the letters and numbers not the whole plate. Is this true? Anyone been told this before?

 Got a speeding ticket and my name isn't on the insurance.?
It was very dumb of me I know. I had forgotten to put the new papers in the car, so when I got pulled over I didn't have proof of insurance and now I have to go to court. The insurance was paid ...

 Civil court matter concerning who the car belongs to?
this is a civil court matter my x boy friend bought me a car for my birthday now he is taking me to civil court to try and take it off me can he do this?...

 Car accident: who pays for quotation costs?
hello guys, hope someone can shed some light on this!
2 Questions
1: i had an accident in syd, aus, (it was my fault, so i'm agreeing to pay for it) and basically the costs of repair ...

 What do the numbers above the picture on your driver's license mean?

 Will insurance company pay for damages on my car if i have a suspended license and it was other drivers fault?
I got into a car accident it was the other drivers fault but I had no insurance and a suspended license. I want to know if the other drivers insurance company will cover it the damages to my car?

 Is it possible to insure a car without having the car's title?
If so what company? 10 pts. I really need this help!
Additional Details
The title is pawned. So I can't really get that ...

 What is the car commercial with the black lady, the salesman, and the car window?
a black lady gets into a red car. Then a salesman comes to her and tells her. she looks at him suprised and rolls up the car window on his nose....

 Where can one go and get a drivers license regardless of multi dui's?

Additional Details
Among the violations, no one was injured, no accidents and two were given when vehicle was shut down parked and I was asleep....

 Why does the insurance comapny want engineers report ?
i made a personal injury claim a year ago straight after the accident. My brother who was also in the vehicle has received his personal claim injury money and however i havent received mine as of yet....

 Why do the insurance company want engineers report?
i made a personal injury claim a year ago now after accident. My brother who was also in the vehicle has received his personal claim injur money and how ever i havent received mine as of yet. The ...

 Auto accident caused tempory numbness on my right side what should I expect as pain and sufffering?
A lot of people say 3x medical bills, but My medical bills aren't that high. I opted to go to a real Dr. instead of the creepy ones recomended by the attorney. I have been seeing a Dr. for about ...

 How much do you pay for your car insurance?
How much do you pay and is that amount on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis?
What state do you live in?
What is your age?
What is the year, make, and model of the car you drive?<...

 Would anyone know the answers to the DMV driver's test?
I got the drivers manual but the damn thing is just too long. Could anybody give me the answers straight forward or tell me where to go to get the answers for free?...

 Can I claim liabilitiy insurance if my insurance was cancelled?
I was involved in an accident , its was not my fault can I claim liability insurance but my insurance was cancelled for non payment.
Additional Details
This is in New Jersey I hear that N...

 Can i drive alone? easy question?
i am 18, bought geico liability insurance, i have a nys license. i have insurance but i didnt pay it off yet. there is amount owed. but i have insurance (card) or (paper) in my wallet and license. ...

 Uk drivers, when your 21 can you drive other people's cars?
I've heard that when you are 21 you can get some sort of insurance which covers you 3rd party to drive other people's cars with their consent. Is this true and if it is how do you go about ...

 Does South Africa have laws forbidding drivers from using mobile phones while behind the wheel?
I have seen that it is a common practise in South Africa to see drivers using mobile phones while driving.It seems like no one really cares and looking at the number of accidents happening is ...

When is the best time to take the road test?
I am planning to take a road test on Friday when is the best time to take the road test?

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Assuming you mean best time of day....I would go with anything that isn't peak travel times, (rush hour) or early morning / mid afternoon when there're lots of school buses and schoolkids walking around on the streets to and from school. Maybe 10 or 11am? Everyone is at work / school then.

However, the best time of all to take your test is when you feel you've studied and practiced enough. You'll be nervous probably, but just rememebr not to speed, follow all law and the #1 thing driving instructors look for is to see how "aware" you are when you're driving. Check your mirrors all the time......look around to observe the traffic, make sure you read the road signs for speed limits etc. and make sure the driver sees your head turning slighty.....don't just move your eyes.

Good luck!

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Monday morning at the start of the month is best time it may be busy but the test guys have quotas to fill each month and you are more likely to pass your test in the first week of the month. By the end of the month if they have passed too many people then they will fail people.

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Bob M
I find the best time to take any driving test is when I'm sober!!

LOL........Seriously, other good times are early in the morning (before all the idiots come out) or after lunch (when the Instructor is relaxed)

The best advice I can give is to speak to your friends and find a Branch of The Roads And Traffic Authority where the Pass Rate is better than other Branches.

I know a young guy who failed 3 times at one Branch and went to another Branch to take the test - he passed first go at the other Branch.

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never ever on a Friday they all want to get out of there for the weekend

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