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Stephanie B
What is "Unrelated Prior Damage" on an Insurance Estimate for damage on my car?
The tow truck that towed my car that had died, did not tie it down correctly so it rolled and hit the front of the flatbed truck and caused damage to the front of my car. They deducted this unrelated prior damage on the estimate. What does this mean?
Additional Details
All the damage occured in the front and they are saying the unrelated prior damage is all the other dings on the rest of my car that was not involved with the towtruck.

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Pedro S
u may not get paid for dammage unrelated to the accident..u may have to file against the tow co

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They are saying that you had other damage to your car, and they are deducting what they feel the other damage costs are, from your current claim. If you do have unrelated damage, it's only fair that the insurance company not have to pay for that, unless a claim has been made. Also, the adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. He wants to come back with the lowest bid, for the sake of the company. If you feel you are not being treated reasonably, you can contact the Insurance Commission, and they can explain how the process works. The bottom line is, the insurance company only pays for the current damage. Your car will be valued at blue book,plus or minus condition/wear, then the prior damage estimate is deducted, then you receive the balance, unless you owe on the vehicle, then the lender gets the money.

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The car already had damage to the front prior to the mishap. I would guess that's what they are saying

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The estimate says that you had already had some damage to the car before the accident. That means that they will not pay for damage that was already there before the accident.

It will be up to you to decide what you think is fair. If the car did, in fact, have prior damage then you can accept the estimate, however, if your car didn't have the damage, then you can call the insurance company and fight it, or get a lawyer and fight it in court. good luck

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Need more facts. Did your car 'die' from a collision? Is it a total loss? Normally, only 'unrelated prior damages' are deducted from the value of the car when it's declared a total loss. 'Related' prior damage can be deducted from collision damage, (let's say your front bumper has prior damage to the left side then you have a collision and destroy the bumper. The insurance company then deducts the amout of prior damage that was already there from the cost to replace the unit).

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Jason G
Seems simple to me....unrelated prior damage is just that. It's unrelated to the loss, it's prior damage. An estimate will always list the damage on the car with a notation that it's unrelated. No one is going to pay for damage they didn't case.

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Texas Pineknot
Unrelated Prior Damage is damage that was already on your car before the tow truck dropped your car. Usually the driver does a quick inspection of your car before attempting to load it and records prior damage on his clipboard. That way you can't come back at them later and say that they caused this damage. They will only pay for what they caused when they dropped the car. You will usually not be paid for prior damage when something like this happens.

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