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 Do I legally own the vehicle?
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I recently 'bought' a new vehicle using finance.

I didn't pay a deposit (I haven't paid a penny for it) I never signed and returned the finance ...

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 Nonmoving accident..small ding....(very minor)...repair bill is $659!!!!!?
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 My insurance company declared my car total loss, what does that mean?

 Thieves stole my car and rammed a police car with it during a pursuit, can the police claim on my insurance?

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 Getting an MOT - is it a good idea/necessary to take along your registration document please?
I'm a bit worried that the chap taking my daughter's car for its MOT asked for the registration documents as he said it could get refused without it. Can that be right please?...

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 Car accident?
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 Does anybody else grudge paying their Road Tax?
Nothing but roadworks, substandard road surfaces, pot holes,massive traffic jams. Where does our money go?
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Susan W. I live in Scotland and let me assure you that ...

 My fathers vehicle is insured under his name but i drive it. If I get in a wreck will his insurance cover it?
I dont have insurance but I do have a license and I live with him....

 How do i get road tax for my scooter when my insurance has expired?
im not driving my scooter anymore as i have a work van now but i need road tax as it is parked on the road untill i sell it. surely i dont have to pay out for insurance i dont need just to get ...

 In a car accident no police report?
My fiance was in a car accident last night. He was hot from behind. no damage to the car. i called 911 from his cell phone. the other guy that hit us cave us his name and policy number. my fiance ...

 Can you insure(get insurance )if a car does NOT have a valid MOT.?

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We have a car that is off the road due to no legal driver(havent passed test), the mot is up in february. I know you can drive to the mot test centre without tax or ...

 I hit a car witch was parked illegally can they claim even though housing have asked them not 2 park there?

What if i can't pay the fine on my court date? will receive a payment option or go to jail?
I was driving the car to work (which is 4 miles away) because i couldn't call off. I was pulled over and the registration from California was expired in October and The insurance was lapsed and i wasn't aware of that. I was told there was insurance on the car. The car is in my fiancee name from California. Afterwards, I tried to register the car in AZ but it didn't pass inspection because of a broken signal light. I put insurance on the car but decided to cancel it and just give the car to charity because I didn't want to pay for repairs on the car (1994 Oldsmobile). I received the ticket in Phoenix off 50th st & Chandler Blvd. I have to go to Phoenix Municipal Court to appear for no insurance citation and have a $569 fine for no registration.

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You'll probably be sent to jail for 50 years. Followed or preceded by a 500,000 dollar fine. If I were you I'd leave the state. Best of Luck!

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postal p
In some states you could be doing jail time. I would call someone at the courthouse, just so you are not surprised. I would beg borrow or steal to get the money though. You may want to talk to a lawyer. He may be able to get a lesser charge against you. Even with his fee, you could cut the total bill in half. Let your fingers do the walking.

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ruth s
I don't know for sure, but my sense is that jails are overcrowded and there is nothing to be gained from jailing you. Jailing you would prohibit your ability to pay. My sense is there is a payment plan.

Ask the court.

Good Luck!

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Allie B
my friends brother went to jail because he couldn't pay his fine by his court date but it was only 3 months and his was DUI so i think if you were to call them you should be fine.

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Well I'm sure every state has their own methods but the bottom line is all the courts want their money. The jails are over crowded now.

I haven't had a ticket for several years. I learned to abide by Ohio laws but anyway I was able to make payment arrangements on court day BUT they held my drivers license until I was paid in full weeks later. My advice is take a licensed driver with you to court. Be prepared to have a designated driver to take you home without your drivers license.

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Cat Person
Some places will allow you to do Community Service to work off your fine.

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Hi, I have actaully been pulled over before too. When i appeared in court all i brought in was $20, and they told me if u bring in atleast some money that they will set u up monthly payments, no questions asked. When you appear in court tell them you got insurance on the Car. But tell them u took it through inspection and it didnt pass. So u decided to cancel the Insurance. Let them know you decided to give it to charity. So just bring in some money into court and they will set you up for payment installments each month. You will not go to jail at all. So im sure you'll be happy to know that!

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Teresa A
Every state is different but usually they will allow you to make payments on the fine. If you are late or miss a payment though then they can take you to jail so make arrangements you know you can keep.

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Im Scared
get a new look ugly boi

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Just call the Clerk of Courts and ask them. There are a number of things that may affect this.

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Go to court and plead no contest. If you respectfully explain your side to the judge (only do that if you are given the opportunity), he/she might reduce your fine. If you are unable to pay, the judge will most likely let you do community service to work off the fine. If not, they might suspend your license until you pay the fine. But I doubt that you will have to go to jail.

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just go to court the clerk can work out payment arrangements

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You NEED to go to court and you need to go WITH money. Somehow you will have to come up with it, even if you have to beg and borrow from someone. I was told (years ago) when I had no money to pay a ticket that I could just walk into court and explain my situation. I was 9 months pregnat at the time and everyone's suggestion was... ask for an extension or to do community service, saying that the judges ALWAYS allow for that. Yea, well guess what? I had no money and regardless of my situation (and condition) he made me step behind the glass wall (where the prisoners were) throughout the remainder of the courts proceedings for everyone else in line and I sat in jail, scared out of my mind for a good 5 hours with intentions of sending me to the women's prison. I can't tell you how frightening it was, and luckily, at the last minute, a friends family member (cuz mine wouldn't help) showed up and paid the bail/ticket fine. It is so not worth it to let those things go. Please do what you can to find the money and save yourself the heart ache and embarrassment.

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I would call the court house NOW and not wait until the due date and explain the situation. That way you can either go ahead and set up a payment plan or schedule a meeting with a judge so that you can sit down and work it out that way.

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kevin m
if you don't goto court, then you'll get an fta(failure to appear) added to the charge, which will incur additional fines...i'm not from az so i can't say for sure but i think you could probably work out a payment plan. but i'd definetly show up

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All the information you included in your question really doesn't matter. You drove the car with no insurance and expired registration. It doesn't matter that you insured and canceled, or that you eventually gave the car away.

As to what will happen will depend on the mood of the judge for the most part. It you are able to pay a part of the fine, he may set a date for you to appear back in court and tell you if you pay the fine off before that date you won't need to appear. If you don't pay it before that date you might go to jail and work off the fine at $10 a day. Of course he may order you to jail immediately if you can't pay.

Do you have family or friends you could borrow the money from to pay this off? That would be better if you could.

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