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 If you do not have auto insurance but the other driver does and they are at fault will claims still be paid?

 I lost a license plate?
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 Hows does this car insurance works?
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 My Insurance denied accident claim...What can the other drive do now?
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 How much will it cost to ensure my 98 trans am..iam 20 years old living in california?

 Do I need to have my license to insure my car?
Im buying my first car in a month, I know I can tranfer the title without having a license, but can I insure and register the car without having one? The car isnt going to be driven for a bit, but I ...

 Is it typical for a body shop to give me money back for letting them work on my car if insurance is paying?
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 Is this Insurance Fraud?
I live in NJ, but my Grandmother lives in North Carolina, can I get a license there and say I live with her so I can register my vehicle through NC and get they're insurance rates?

If ...

What happens if you are caught driving without your license?
I have a valid driver's license, but I left it at school and I am only home for the weekend. I have never gotten pulled over before and I don't speed, so I don't expect to get pulled over any time soon. I will be doing at most 15 minutes of driving for the entire weekend. On the off chance I get pulled over, though, what happens since I wouldn't have my driver's license with me at the time?

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Well first of all if you are driving without a license you can be punished up to 1,000 dollars and 180 days in jail and a suspension of up to six months for your first offense. If you don't have a license yet the suspension will go onto the one that you would have gotten.

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It all depends. Anything can happen. State Laws change..

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You do need to know all your personal information. SSI #, birthday, full name, and it helps to know your drivers license #. The cop will look at you funny and ask a lot of questions. Its most likely a $10 fix it ticket (at least it was for me). Some cops are really cool and just let you go, most will have to ticket you. They will ask you where your license is. I suggest you pretend to look for it and "realize" its in your other purse, dresser, or you must have left it in your other pants. I'm sure knowing you didn't have it on you is a stiffer penalty than "forgetting" it

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Jamie. i am not sure where you live, but i live in Iowa. i left home to run to my dads house and forgot my purse. I was pulled over because i did not have a plate on the front end of my car (i had a vanity) the cop did give me a warning for the plate and a ticket for not having my license with me. I went to the courthouse to show them i did indeed have a valid license and they dropped the ticket for that.

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It would help if you memorize your driver's license number. It really depends on the cop. Some will let you go and some will give you a ticket. If you get a ticket, you can just take your license to court and show it to the judge and he should cancel the ticket, but this is a bit of a hassle.

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In some states you will just get a ticket in others a warning, and in some strict areas you could get arrested. it really depends on where you are.

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I dont know what planet the other people who answered are on. There is a law that requires you to carry a drivers license with you. As such you can get a ticket for not having it. Most officer will let you slide if you have a valid license, but its not with you. In my state, at least, anything is arrestable, but the only way youd end up on jail is if you dont sign the citation. Most states its a small fine, and some its even correctable (ie you just have to show it at court or a police station and pay a small court processing fee).

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