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 Do you need insurance on a vehicle to take your driver's test?
I am trying to get my license and I do not know what do i need to take the test. I can not afford getting insurance because I do not have a vehicle.Can you please help me?...

 Bought a car a couple of years ago and never heard of gap insurance.?
Now I'm upside down on my loan and my insurance company says I should have bought it within 30 days of buying my car. I found places online, but, they say I only had 12 months to purchase ...

 Can the insurance company claim their excess back if issued in error?
I had two claims in 2008, the first one was my "fault", the second one was not. They waved the excess on the second claim, but the first claim i had was my fault so i paid the excess, but i ...

 How do i get a disabled driving licence for 16 years of age? What forms do i need to fill in?

 Car was hit by lanscapers....?
My husbands car was hit by the landscapers at our condo. Do we still contact the insurance company even though they are going to pay for the damages?...

 Help please, buying a car!!!?
hi, i have recently passed my driving test, do you think i need insurances for my self because the can i am going to buy already have insurance and tax ending next year!!
Additional ...

 I am interested in finding out if there is a payment plan available in Virginia for the Uninsured Motors Fee?
There was a lapse in my insurance plan and i was charged with driving without insurance.. a hefty fee of 500.00 in the state of Virginia. I went to go pay on the bill and they told me that i could ...

 A drunk driver hit and totaled my parked, uninsured car. Will his insurance cover all costs?
Last night, a drunk driver rear-ended and totaled my parked car. My car is uninsured, as I hadn't been driving it for a few weeks.

Should I be worried about the fact that I don'...

 What happens if you don't respond to your insurance company when there's an accident involved?
The person who was responsible for my auto accident is not responding to their company's request to speak with them. The insurance company says that they have 30 days to respond. What happens ...

 My driving test is next tuesday my insructor has left me what should i do?
hi everyone my driving test is next tues and my instructor has left me i am now looking for a another instructor i cant cancel my test its too late do you think i will do well in my test is it a good ...

 What are my options if I was hit by someone that was not the owner of the vehicle that hit us?
Last Oct. my bf and daugther were in a non-injury car accident. The lady driving the car was not the owner and the owner only had Non-ownership policy. Now the Insurance company says they can'...

 Wife took loan out on truck i have the truck i need a title i though was lost?

 Does a 'normal' uk driving licence allow you to drive up to 7.5 ton vehicle ?

 Help selling a car to an Italian, Insurance problems.?
I have just sold my car to an Italian and he now wants to drive the car to Italy. He's been told he can't insure a car that isn't registered in Italy and my Insurance company can'...

 What are some good confidence building tips for L plater drivers?
im quite close to getting my p's but i need help getting up the confidence to eventually drive on my own. i still get a little freaked out and ive been driving alot so i know the whole ' ...

 I have a parked vehicle on private property?
the parked vehicle is a horsebox it has been hit,and written off,i have just realised i have an m.o.t that has run out,does this affect my payment....

 I'm buying my brothers car from him but lost the title .. what does he have to do to obtain another one? (NJ)?

Additional Details
problem is he just moved to Cali so he's not gunna come back to jersey for that .. can u go 2 to one in CA?...

 Fender bender question?
so i live in california and so i was driving my friends car and she was on the passenger seat and well i rear ended someone...we told the other person to blame it on my friend cause its her car and ...

 Driving handbook online anywhere?
So I've taken a test thats very similar to the drivers ed test @ the DMV online but I forgot the site- I really have no time to go to the DMV to get a stupid booklet-Is there anywhere online I ...

 Can a Canadian with an N drivers license drive in the US?
I have my N drivers license, where you can drive with one other person in your car without an adult. It's the step before a full license. If I wanted to go on a trip to the United States, can I ...

What do I do after i got my permit?
I passed the knowledge test on my first try and i received my permit. (State: MA)
Now I have no idea what i have to do next. The RMV did not tell me anything.
What the next step?
(I am 16) (Sophomore in High School)
Additional Details
I am guesing i must take drivers ed but where?
(Dedham, MA 02026)

Or can my parents teach me?
(will it still count?)

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You should be doing Driver's Ed. They will take you in the car for 7 hours driving and 7 hours observation. After that, you have to hold the permit for at least 6 months (starting from the day you got it) and be 16 then go to the DPS and get your license (no test required because you already take it in drivers ed)

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The next step is to get a driving instructor. I don't know how many hours you need with your driving instructor in MA, but here in CA it's 6 hours with driving instructor.

Then you need at least 50 hours of day time practice, and at least 10 hours total of night time practice. These are with your parents or someone with a license and over 18. Well, it's 18 here anyway.

I don't know the hours for your permit requirements, but just practice driving around. Changing lanes, freeway, parking (especially parallel parking), etc.

I guess after 6 months of permit driving you can take your driver's test to get your license.

Good luck

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