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Kate J
V5 still not sent and tax due tomorrow what can we do?
My friend bought his car 6 months ago, and never received his logbook. So 4 weeks ago he sent off his green supplement and application for the V5 document, but nothing has arrived. His car tax is due tomorrow and he has nothing to prove that he owns the car. He hasn't been sent a reminder by the DVLA for tax so he can't tax it. What can he do?

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Dasher has the answer spot on.

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Hello there.

Your friend should call DVLA Swansea on 08707 669 378. They will then check on the computer to see what has gone wrong, they will be able to re-issue the V5.

This is the quickest way, if you get someone helpful they should do it over the phone. There is a chance you may be advised to fill out a form called a V62. You can ether get this from your local post office or download the file from here as a pdf: http://www.dvla.gov.uk/media/pdf/forms/v62.pdf and then send it on.

Unfortunately he cannot get a Road Fund Licence as he does not have the V5 registration document or the Green Slip, if no reminder has been sent then he cannot tax online either.

He will have to park off the road for a few days whilst he waits for his new paperwork, DVLA Swansea are actually quite responsive once you've highlighted a problem so your friend should receive his new V5 within about 5 days. He can then get what he needs.

Good luck with it.

p.s. Don't call them at lunchtime!

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Check the dvla website. It has details on what to do.


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