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 Will my car insurance payments be affected cause i got sued and lost the case?
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 I bought a car & haven't rcvd title yet. I think there's a lien on title. How can I find out who owns lien?
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 California driver's permit?
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 Driving school question?
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 Can A 14 Year Old Get A Restricted License For Moped Use In Wisconsin?
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 I was hit by a motorist that had liability insurance do it cover my car?

 I'm a 16 year old driver in CA, when I go in to get my license, what are the restrictions I'll have?
Like, how long do I have to have my license until I can drive around minors? Or my family? And once I get my license I can immediately drive alone right? Or do I still have to drive with a licensed ...

 How do I become less nervous about my road test?
So, I'm taking my road test soon and I'm actually a lot more nervous than I thought I was going to be. I drive all the time and I've been told more than once that I'll be fine, ...

 Wisconsin drivers license?
I have a probationary license which I lose in september. I currently have 8 points on my license. Will I still have the points when I switch from a probationary license to a regular one? Also, how ...

 Finding a good auto insurance in denver?
i am moving to denver next month and my auto insurance is about to expire in a month, right now have usaa insurance and there premium goes up to 132$ per month, i tried esurance is cheaper than what ...

 I drove with my friend's car and I had an accident. No one or other cars was involved.?
I don't have a car insurance but my friend's does (the car owner).
Am I illegal to drive without a car insurance?...

 Transferring a Title -- Cost?
Does transferring a title into your name, change price, county to county or city to city? Or is it the same price where ever you go?

Does it go by how much the truck is worth or how much ...

Transfer of car title between husband and wife .?
Husband and I are separated . He signed over title to car to me . Can I have car put in my name ? I have car in my possession . I live in different city and county now . But same state , Texas . We are in the process of getting a divorce .
Saying that . Since he signed over title to me . Will this show judge that he does not have interest in the car ?
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mbcratz are you sure and what is your source? i dont want to do anything illeagal.

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vicki g
Yes, MBR Catz is right. In CA (I think it's the same in Texas) on the line that your husband signs, is printed something like:"by signing this I'm releasing my interest in the car" Look at the title to see if it doesn't say that.
Take the title to the DMV and turn it in. They will mail you another one with just your name on it.
You should also contact your insurance company to update the owner information for them.
The value of the car may be considered part of your settlement.

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The divorce/seperation is irrelevant. If he had the title to the car, free & clear, he can sign it over to you, then you can retitle it in your name, and voila! it's your car.

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