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 What happens if you never switch the title over to your name and insure it etc?
i was wondering....some idiots i know financed a vehicle 1 year ago and never switched the title over to their name, insured it, or anything. then that person quit making car payments for about 5 ...

 How much on average is car insurance for an 18 year old female, monthly?
I am about to buy a car, and i dont know what insurance to pick, or how much it would cost me monthly to pay for it..
any advice?...

 When signing up for a permit or whatever, how do the drug & alcohol tests go?
Just asking how the drug & alcohol tests go when getting a permit or whatever.
Additional Details
Meaning what happens during them?...

 Smart roadster uk insurance.?
Slight problem, was looking up TPFT insurance quotes for a smart roadster:
£500 excess.
£7000 yearly premium.
7500 annuall mileage.
The car's only worth £8500
it has ...

 How long can you use a full Canadian drivers license in the UK for?

 How much does it cost for auto insurance for your first time.?
is there a cost before the monthly payment.?...

 Paper licence for a photocard licence but i lost paper licence?
i want card licence but only have copy of paper one ho do i go about it anyone know ,,, how much and how long it takes cheers.
Additional Details
i have looked on web site but dont say ...

 Which cars are the cheapest to insure for a 17 year old in the UK?

 Speeding underage without a permit?
okay me and my broyfriend (we are both 15) got stopped for speeding and he got a ticket. He doest have ether a driving license or a permit. And got told that he had to show up to court. we live in ...

 I am born in 1994 can i get my license?
i am born in 1994 can i get my license when i am 16 in California because i heard that the rules have been changed too 18. can some one plz help ...

 Whos at fault for an accident on a two lane high way when one car spins out and crosses into the other lane?
I was in the left lane on 2 lane road, it was a bad day out and the left lane was plowed the right lane wasn't. The car in the right lane was slightly ahead of me and he spun out coming across ...

 Mustang Insurance? Which car should I get?
I have a 98 GT right now. I am 18, but the insurance is on my parents plan or whatever. I am ready to get a better mustang. I found a 2001 Cobra and a 2004 Mach I. They are both around $12000. I ...

 Im turning 18 in a week and i want my liscense?
i dont have a permit, I havent taken drivers ed yet, i havent had anything, but im going to be 18 in a week and can i just get my lisecne when im 18? do i take a written test and if i pass, do i get ...

 Insurance policy question?
Can 2 people get an insurance policy together if they are not married? I want my boyfriend to be covered when he is driving my car....

 What do you call a black cover on a car's eyes?
Cover on Car Eyes?!...

 Somebody from Illinois!...I need to get my title of my car in the same day, is this possible ?
Hello someone can help to find out if I go to Springfiel IL I can get the title of a car faster in the same day or I can do that transation here in Chicago ?...

 Did AIG change their name?

 I have been baned for drink drivin do i have to resit my test?
I got banned for drink driving for 9 months but i had only been driving for about a year and a half prev. Do i have to resit my theory and test once my ban is up? T...

 What is meant by greenslips?
What is greenslips , How could i file one.....

 I'm being sued, what should I do?
I'm being sued, because Me and this other lady got into an accident. The police said it was my fault. That lady got a broken neck and hand, and her car got totaled, my insurance company paid 25,0...

Sticker on License Plate fell off?
I just renewed my registration on my car and I put the sticker on my plate. Well I just happened to look at my plate and the sticker fell off. Anyone know if I would have to pay to get another sticker?

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vicki g
Fred C is correct
In California, the cost is $18 and you must fill out form REG 156 Application for duplicate sticker, plates or registration. This can be done at a dmv or AAA Auto Club.

Besides sticking them to a clean surface that's free from a build up of previous stickers, if you make an X with a single edge razor blade, it deters thieves from steeling them.

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Fred C
You will pay a replacement fee, not a new registration fee.

The sticker area should always be cleaned with a little washer fluid and a paper towel before putting a new sticker on. In the winter, it not only has to be clean, but you have to make sure there isn't a thin layer of frost, no sticker will stay on if there is a bit of frost.

vicki g, an interesting thing about our stickers is the fact that, once stuck on, you have about 3 seconds to try to peel them off. After that, if you try, they shred, so we don't get very many stolen here in Manitoba.

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