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 How long do I have to file a claim if someone hits me?
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Why my lawyer is not being honest with me?
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 First time driver license?
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 What is a salvage title?

 What is the cheapest car insurance for?
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 Hidden meaning behind the drivers license?
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 I have just got my 4th year no claims at driving. Is it worth getting protected no claims upon my renewall?

 In California, how long does it take to receive car title "pink slip" in the mail for used car?

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it was bought from a private party. thanks for all your answers :)...

 A person i no has been charged with no full license driver, no l plates, 3 bald tires and a deffective car.?
does anyone no if he would get prisonment for them of fine's or wat???
no people makin rude comments that he should be locked up of your own opinion need ...

 In a car accident involving 2 cars if the person in the other car has someone with them in the car?
would that person count as witness? and I didnt have any one with me. if they do count as witness does that mean her argument will be more likely to be accepted than mine....

 Question about an accident that was my fault and dealing with an insurance claim against me.?
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 If i dont have insurance and i just had a wreck about an hour ago-police said it wasnt my fault. will i get $$
the other person gave me their info. because they knew they was in the wrong....

 Can I drive another car on Third Party Fire and Theft?
I am with Endsleigh Insurance and was reading through my documents earlier. I come across this:

Driving other cars
We will also cover You in the same way in respect of Your legal ...

 Out of state license plates MUST be changed?
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 Is $110 a month for plpd too much for insurance?
Im 41 havent had a ticket or points in 15 years, im getting robbed.I have liability on a old ford pickup....

 I got into an accident on a rental car that I wasn't authorised to drive.Any advice on what I should do?Thanks
My friend, the authorized driver of the car, was billed $10,000 in damages. I am surprised how the claims rounded up to $10,000. My friend is now asking me to pay as soon as possible. Being a student,...

 Courtesy car?
hi i crashed my car to-day & i am entitled to a courtesy car but the repair company does not have one avalible to give me ,what can i do about this ?
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live in ...

 I recently moved to a new state. What do i need to do to register my car and get a new plate?
What sort of documents will I need to bring to the DMV?
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Also, I lost my title awhile ago!...

Someone hit my car, no insurance, do i file a police report?
someone hit my car today. he was driving on a suspended license and had no insurance. it was 100% his fault and there are skidmarks to prove that he skidded into my lane (i was going the opposite direction than him) and i also have a few witnesses. i didn't call the police because he said he would pay for the damages (and he's worried about getting arrested). i don't care about the dents, but a friend looked at my car and said it looks like he dented my axle and messed up my suspension. i'm going to get an estimate of how much it will cost to fix and if its not thousands of dollars i'm going to trust he will pay me considering he can get in a lot of trouble if he doesn't and i tell on him. is it a bad idea to not file a police report? or should i just file an insurance claim and have them (i'm insured with state farm) pay for the damages and have him reimburse them? i'm just trying to not get screwed over and have him not pay me. what should i do

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if you have all his info then get a quote and see what he says if he refuses then contact the authorities and your insurance company

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Big mistake. What if, you get an estimate, repairs are started and they find more damage?? Do you actually think you'll get more money out of someone who can't afford to carry insurance???

You pay a premium for coverage for just this reason, use your own carrier and let them go after this person. Don't be sorry for trying to be nice.

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file a police report asap. the information he gave you may be false.

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Call your insurance company now! File a police report now! Your witnesses will disappear when the decide they do not want to take the time to go to court for you. He probably has his own witnesses by now. He is not going to pay you. You are letting him off the hook so that he can go and have another accident. I hope you know you bear some responsibility for the person he injures in his next accident. Why would you want to trust some one that breaks the law every time they drive.

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jed slade
You should have got him to write and sign an admission of guilt at the time and got any witnesses to sign it as well.Now all you have is his word against yours and your witnesses,(which have to be independant to carry much weight in court ).The correct procedure without doing that is to call the Police straight away.You now have to hope he is an honorable man of his word.I doubt very much that he will pay or admit guilt now as it is not in his interest to do so,i doubt you will even be able to prove who the driver was by the time it goes to trial,if it ever does.LESSONS LEARNED-Old chinese drivers proverb >>If other plick is at fault,fly his nuts.

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You should have called the police anyway. Here is someone who is breaking the law by driving on a suspended license with no insurance, and you took his word that he would pay for the damage to your car? That's awfully naive.

You may not care about the dents, but any repairs to your car will add up very quickly. Also, you need to be aware that if you try and file an insurance claim for the accident, one of the first things they will ask for is the police report. Without one, a lot of insurance companies won't process an accident claim.

I hope you got his information, and that he didn't lie about that too.
Call the police and file a report of your version of the accident now, then call your insurance company and report the accident. I hope your witnesses don't disappear on you, because without a report made right away, you have basically no way to prove this guy had anything to do with your damages.

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do as the others said; file a police report asap;;;;;;;;;;;;;

then call your insurance company and file a claim. they will handle and go after him for their costs.

if this guy has no insurance, suspended license, do you really expect him to pay for your damages??????? believe me, you will be on the phone months from now asking for the money you spent and he will disappear and ignore you.

read other posts about someone saying, they told them they will pay and now months later, no money and wonder why?

state farm will handle w/in few days. then you can move on and save time and aggravation of trying to collect from this guy. the odds of this guy paying you are probably 100 to 1 you will never see a cent.

good luck

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You've got to file a police report otherwise there's technically no proof and it can get nasty - think about it - how trustworthy is this person if they are already driving on a suspended license and no insurance and you are trusting he'll have the perhaps $1000's to pay for your car? Your insurance may not pay without your rates going up tremendously if you don't file a report and go back and get pictures ASAP.

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You should have called the police to report the accident at the time of the accident. Try to report it now. You should also now, run, not walk to your own insurance company and report the accident. Use your own collision coverage and havbe your company go after this moron .............. DO NOT try to settle on your own. You WILL regret it if you do.

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