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Many thanx....

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My Ohio license plate tags have expired,what is the grace period to renew them?

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Michael K
no grace period...how long have you been driving??...you need a pamper??....expired=expired...look it up...call ytour local license branch...we have one in greenville ohio...want thier ph #??you should not be on the road...to stupid to know about your plates...how can anyone trust your driving??..you asked...i answered...honestly

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Louis L
Ask the cop when he pulls you over.

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There is no grace period. When you decide to renew you will pay a delinquent fee.

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there is none.expired means expired.you had better renew em cause that ticket will be more than it cost to renew em.good luck

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There is no grace period, your tabs are expired.

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Sorry ... you probably have a penalty ... read on ...
From the official Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles:
License plates expire on the owner's birthday or if the vehicle is leased, the registration expires on the 20th of the month designated for the leasing company.
There is no grace period.
Registrations can be renewed by going to a deputy registrar license agency, mail-in registration, by logging onto www.OPLATES.com or by calling the toll-free number 1-866-OPLATES (1-866-675-2837). Addresses can be updated by filling out a form at the deputy registrar license agency or by logging onto www.OPLATES.com.

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sure there's a grace period.

You have til 12:01 AM the day after they expire.

It's way cheaper to renew them than to pay the ticket.

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