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I'm not sure if failing classes in college counts ...

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this will only apply to residents of the united ...

 Im 19 with a permit, can I register my car and insure it? Price Estimation?
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 What should I do about my license?
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if so, then what am i supposed to use as an id?...

 Where can I find car insurance for my situation?
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 Once past your driving test will u ever have to re take again?
once past your driving test do you have to ever re-take it? like is there a expiry date on licenses or do they last forever?????...

John B
My NYS Inspection Sticker Says "February" Do I have until the End of February to get it inspected or does.....
My NYS Inspection Sticker Says "February" Do I have until the End of February to get it inspected or does it Expire February 1st?

Thanks in advance

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sundaizie ♥~♥
Yup...you're good til Feb 1st which is today...♥

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Jason B
you technically have until march 1st...but legally until your birthday or the date of registration if you get pulled over.

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You have the whole month of February.

29 days this year!

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good til Feb 29th.

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That_ blue_ eyed_ Irish_ lass
You have until the end of February but take it from a NY girl ..don't wait until the last minute to get it done or you just might find yourself uninspected into March.
Inspections are cheap.. so don't wait make that appointment by the middle of February..

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They are supposed to also stamp a range for you like 1-10th, 11th-20th, 20th-31st (or something close)....
If they didn't I'd say your safe through the end of Feb.

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They are, infact, correct but, I would go do that asap

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it expires march 1st

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Peter B
Depending on your state, its your birthday.

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Ya Ya
you have until the end. you even get an extra day this year for leap year.

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