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Vik S
Insurance deductible- how can I not pay?
Ok so here is the thing. A guy backed out onto be in a parking lot and hit my driver side back door, wheel, and bumper causing 5000 dollars in damage. I'm in NY>
ok so, now i'm gonna file under my insurance for the sake of TIME and pay the 1000$ deductible if need be, and then since he IS at fault, let them go after his insurance company. OK so the question is; my car is now no longer under the manafucturer warranty, is there anyway I can tell the ford auto body shop - a liberty mutual insurance company preferred shop; to put non oem parts on my car (like the door and bumper) and take the money they save from that and apply it towards my deductible? OR is there anyway I can do that going to another body shop? and if so, how would I go about that, and is it legal?

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They will most likely use non OEM parts already if your car is over a year old unless there is a law in your state requiring otherwise or you paid extra on your policy for OEM parts only. Often by the time your car is done and the other insurance company has accepted liability they will pay your deductible and then wait for the subrogation demand from your insurance co and pay them what's owed. Your deductible though is between you and the body shop. You probably could find a body shop that may bury your deductible but it's probably not in your best interest to be using a shop who operates like that. Especially since you don't really have to if he was at fault and his ins. co has accepted liability.

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It would be illegal, but you might find a body shop that would do it. But it would still be illegal. You would be double-dipping, and the auto body shop would be commiting fraud to the insurance company. If he's at fault, you'll get paid back that part, and rental car reimbursement for the time in the shop. You don't have to report to your insurance if they are at fault -- you can go straight through his.

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Globalwide Insurance
sorry but you cant do that since they are a prefered shop from the insurance company they will not risk doing something under the table like that, now if you went to lets say a mom and pop shop they can do that and no one needs to know but the insurance company but that is basically insurance fraud from both parties just wate till the insurance company regains your deductible back if they can and that will take a few months

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Barry auh2o
You're out the deductable. Period.
No reputable auto shop will "engineer" the deuctable. They have a reputation to protect. While your relationship with them may be "once and done" they have to work with ins co's daily.

Why hasn't his co agree to pay for the damages directly? usually this doesn't take any more time than dealing with yours. What aren't you telling us??

You don't have "the time" to worry about " $$1000.00????????

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Here is what happens. If the accident is not your fault your insurance company will go after the other party and collect the full amout you should no out of pocket. Ny however is a comparitive negligence state. It basically means if you were moving at all your partially at fault. If you go through your insurance company at all they control the shots. Its their money, they will send an adjuster and the adjuster will stipulate what parts to use. Unless the car is less the 6 months old they will specify used or generic its rare that they pay for oem when generic are available. If you were moving at all it will be up to the insurance investigators to determine who did what to whom. I had a client who was driving down a road in the Hamptons and was hit broad side by a mercedes sports car. The guy never stopped at a stop sign we had none. It was not a thru intersection. In other words the Mercedes would have had to turn left or right. My client had a Jeep Chreokee. We were found 20% at fault because our driver should have noticed the mercedes was not stopping and not entered the intersection. The mercedes had 20g in damage which at 20% means we payed 4G our jeep had 2000 in damage that he paid 80% of or 1600. So this accident actually cost us 2400 or 400 more the the damage to our car and it was not our fault. I can only guess if you were moving yours will go similar in NY.

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Rick J
buy used beater cars and dump your insurance, its a waste of money. Please drive carefully and you should be good to go, all insurance is a scam!

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Most shops wont do this. Simple because they collect from the insurance company and not pay in to the insurance company. Now you may be able to work this out with you agent and see if this is a possibility. However I think you will find that your going to need to shell out the 1000 bucks. Is it legal? I'll let your insruance company decied that. Personally I do not think it is ethical.

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No you can not and it's not legal, neither the shop or the insurance company will allow for it. The shop doesn't get paid until the repairs are completed and they have to submit a FINAL ESTIMATE in order to be paid. You can request reman'd or LKQ parts, however, if your insurance company's policy is to use OEM parts for sheet metal and fenders/quarter panels you're out of luck. You'll have to pay your deductible either way. Your warranty on your car has nothing to do with this.

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The insurance company will only pay for what is put on your car. If its non oem thats what they will pay for. I am pretty sure that would be considered fraud. You are liable for the deductible no matter what.

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Short answer, yes.. it is possible. I've had it done... for example: Geico writes up an estimate with OEM/new parts, shop used non-OEM/used parts and saved me half of my deductable. It is legal, because you aren't necessarily defrauding the insurance co. They create an ESTIMATE of what THEY THINK it will take to repair the vehicle to same condition. IE: if they have 10 hours of paint work estimated and it only takes 5.... or if they write up a new door panel but a new one cannot be found, it will not change the payout. Only if it winds up taking more time or more $$$.

Will a dealer body shop do that for you? Probably not. The place I went to was a well-known mom and pop outfit. They found a used panel for me for a bit less than a new one which saved me $250. It looks perfect, fit's perfectly and is guaranteed for life by the body shop. It was a lot harder of a job for them to have to work with and cut, but I guess they didn't really care.

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