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I have already visited price comparison and my cheapest quote was around £...

 Can RMV/ DMV license suspension hearing date be changed? Walk-ins?
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 Florida dmv addresses don't match.?
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 Opinion question...........my dad's truck was hit, while parked. What happened was a girl was driving, her?
crazy ex-boyfriend (that was on drugs) jumped on top of her car while she was stopped at the corner and grabbed the wheel, she gassed the car and hit my dad's truck, she was not cited for the ...

 I was stopped on a 65 mph two lane highway?
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 Auto insurance question!?
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 Over charged for car accident? $11,500 for property, + $4,600?
I had a car accident last September.

I rear ended a car because the road was clear and it yielded and well its determined that I am 100% at fault.

My car probably hit at 15mph ...

 Registering a vehicle without a title and license?
I live in Massachusetts and bought a vehicle novemeber 2005.and I only have the Bill of sale.I never registered it back then.It runs great and been sitting for 3 years. I dont have valid drivers ...

 Do i need original learners permit for taking the drivers test in PA.?
Since I lost my learners but have it scanned on to my computer can I just print it out and take the drivers test?...

 Why haven't I received my CA DMV Registration renewal?
My tags expire in May of this year but now it's March and I still have received my renewal notice. Is this normal due to the state cut-backs?...

 Isn't my license supposed to have my weight listed?
I just got my license on February 25th. And I am so happy! But when I looked on my license it only had my sex and my height listed. I thought that all drivers licenses listed the weight? I live in N...

 Where can a 17 year old guy get the cheapest car insurance quote on a 200 pound car ? preferably 700 quid :)?

Im turning 18 in a week and i want my liscense?
i dont have a permit, I havent taken drivers ed yet, i havent had anything, but im going to be 18 in a week and can i just get my lisecne when im 18? do i take a written test and if i pass, do i get my liscense? I live in Rhode Island.

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Thomas M
u dont want to take the written test take the permit test and then you can take your drivers test as soon as you turn 18

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Depends on what state. In Texas and Arizona you just take the written test at DMV and if you pass it and the Eye test you get your license. At 18

At 16-17 you need the above with 1yr of Driver Ed

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I would think you'll have to take both the written and driving test to get a license regardless of age. And you do need a permit before a license. It'll be better if you can take drivers ed or a driving training course because you may get a discount on insurance for having that.

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George A
Regardless of the state you live in, and regardless of your age, IF you have NEVER been issued a license before in your life, you will be issued a permit so you can get the behind-the-wheel experience so you can pass your skills test to get your actual license.

When you turn 18, you don't magically know how to drive if you never knew how to drive at 17. The permit is so you can learn, either on your own or through a licensed driving school to drive well enough to safely operate the vehicle on the road & to be able to successfully pass your skills test.

The only difference in your permit at 18 and a teen that is under 18, is your permit does not have all of the restrictions on it that an under 18 teen will have & you can take your skills test sooner than an under 18 teen will be able to. You will both need to have a qualified licensed driver with you at all times when you are driving.

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