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 Someone ran into my uninsured car, what do I do?
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 Well well well looks like you are all outstanding citizens. i wish i was a hero like you lot?
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 I Just Failed My Driving Test?
ok, here is what happened, i was driving well, no mistakes whatsoever.
The guy told me to do the emergency brake, i was in second gear going about 20mph and stopped to my knowledge pretty quick....

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 When you buy a new car, can you use the same license plates you had on your old car?
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 Lost driver's license?
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 Can i take my practical driving test by my own car?

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i have booked my test 24th june, do i need to tell them before going there or just i have to supply mirror and L sign back and front....

 My brother's car got broken into while my mom and I were at the mall. Who's insurance?
I just got back to the mall with my mom. While we were their my brother's car, he has my mom's, got broken into. The question my dad has does it go on our insurance or his?
My opinion ...

 Do you have to have car insurance on your car? is it against the law if you don't have car insurance?

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I live in North Carolina,and I turned 15 last month....

 HELP! I am being sued for car accident that wasn't my fault!?
2 years ago I was making a left hand turn when the woman behind me hit me on the drivers side. We both pulled over and exchanged info. Geico who was covering me said they would not have anything to ...

 Has anyone ever saved money using Geico?
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 Do u HAVE to have an insurance for ur car?
cause i kinda feel its a waste of money, i ve been driving for like 5 years and never had any accident or ticket and still i pay $90 every month.
so do i need to have insurance or can i drive ...

 Which would be cheaper to insure a 1.8 diesil or a 1.2 petrol?
1.2 fiat punto or a 1.8 ford fiesta, I had been told that they were in the same bracket for insurance, is this true? I am 20 and have been driving 7 ...

 Who thinks that the new caveman series for geico is going to be stupid?
It's so easy a caveman can do it!...

 Can you drive an automatic if you passed your test in a manual car.?
on the back of the photocard it states cat.B but on the leaflet that came with it to drive an automatic you also need cat B automatic. does this mean you need to take another test for this catagory ...

 I lost my driving permit. What do i do?

Additional Details
i lost it around my house somewhere...eeh it'll show up eventually...if not how much do i have to pay?...

That was Crass
If you're being tailgated and you slam on the brakes and they rear end you, who is at fault?
even if you did it intentionally, could they prove it? what would be the difference between intentionally stopping and lets say you drop something and have to pick it up, are you responsible for those behind you?
Additional Details
hey no one ever said i was going to do this... presumptious bunch arent ya!

you think i want whiplash? though that would make the lawsuit more appealing wouldnt it... haha only kidding!!!

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I think if someone rear ends you it is their fault. However you should not be trying to intentionally cause an accident. You should feel really bad if you caused an accident and somebody got injured or worse. Why would you do that.

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Please don't be a moron. We have enough problems on our roads...

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truly speaking
it depends on where you do it. if you're on the highway or in an area where there are no turns then the question would be why were you stopping.technically it would be their fault cause they should be at a "safe" distance but morally it would your fault if you intentionally hit the brakes.

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You're both at fault.

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if the dents on the front of there car they hit you you cant help the fact that they were so close they didnt see the turkey fly acrost the road in front of you....best part the turkey was flying so it didnt leave any tracks....lol....happy new car hunting....the insurance company will argue and try for 50% blame because if you werent there ya wouldnt of had to stop ,stick to your guns they'll pay 100%

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Yours mainly. The person who hit you could be held partially at fault for following too closely. Why the hell would you hit your brakes when a 2000+ pound machine is so close to you? That is a stupid thing to do. It can cause a chain reaction. I've seen people make that idiot move and it led to nothing but regret.

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I've never heard of anyone ever being blamed for doing that. Bottom line is if the person behind couldn't stop, they were following too closely. I know many states have the policy of no matter what, whoever did the hitting is at fault, and so far to this day, I've never met anyone that got blamed for being hit from behind. It's the same as if an animal runs in front of your car and you stop to avoid it. The person behind is totally responsible to not run into your car.

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dodge man
you are,if you do it on purpose ,they will hold you responsible for it,seen that happen before not too long ago,but they will tell you this was no way to handle it,they will also tell you that you should have pulled over and let the car go on if possible,good luck with it.

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There are two separate issues: what is the law, and how are things proven.

I think the law would say, whoever has the last chance to avoid an accident and doesn't, is at fault. By this rationale, if you intentionally cause an accident, the law should find you guilty.

As far as proving something, that depends on the witnesses, the skill of the lawyers , the feelings of the jury, etc.

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Fred C
Normally, the person tailgating is 100% at fault, but you can be charged if you slam on the brakes for no reason, and you can both be held at fault, one for tailgating, the other for reckless driving, or failing to exercise due care and caution. So, if you slam on your brakes and are hit by a tailgater, be sure you you really have to stop quickly because you are trying to avoid a cyclist, pedestrian, boulder, etc, or are hitting the brakes a little late for a red light or stop sign.

By the way, the insurance fraud usually involves a 3rd vehicle, and faked injuries.

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John H
About 90% of the time the person who rear ends a vehicle is at fault. If a driver is tail gating, then that driver is too close. However, a lot of insurance companies are aware of some drivers who try and get hit intentionally in the rear end. This has become a way for criminals to fraud insurance companies and drivers. When there is no fraud present, the driver who was hit in the rear end will not be at fault in most cases. Nobody likes a driver who tail gates.

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Well, if they rear ended you because you purposely slammed on your brakes for no apparent reason it is your fault. You should never have anything to drop while driving and you should never pick it up anyway. If you stopped because a deer ran in front of you then it would be his fault. I hope you will do the right thing; just because someone is tailgating you it gives you no right to force him to hit you, as that is insurance fraud and is a punishable offense by law. All you had to do was slow down to let him know that he is tailgating you or pull over if you are nervous about it. Do you realize how much more money that poor guy is going to have to pay for insurance because of your stupidity? I hope you tell the police the truth; if not, then I hope you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

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Ya, it's your fault. If you drop someting in the car it best be the steering wheel cuz there's no excuse for doing anything except driving. Think of it this way. There are lots of people who tailgate, in some of those cars there are the tailgater's children which I hope have seat belts on. But in a worse case scenario lets say the kids don't have one on and they not only crash through their window but pass your car after being ejected from their vehicle. Don't cause an accident on purpose, you could be endangering innocent victums and you would be charged and tried.

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You are at fault! The driver behind you could/would get cited for failure to stop in assured clear distance/violation of the basic speed law. You would be cited for either careless driving, which is driving in a manner that would likely cause damage to property or personal injury, or reckless driving which is the same but add willful and wanton which means you did it on purpose.
The best thing to do is like the above person advised, that is to pull over, if you can't do that, slow down and allow him to pass. If you speed up, so will the follower. If you have a wreck, its better at slower speeds than at faster speeds.
Slamming on your breaks is a form of vigilantism. That does no one any good.

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