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If my car is insured can I let my grandson drive it If he is not listed on my insurance?

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I would say no. Check with your insurance provider. But from what I know to be covered on someone elses insurance if you are not listed as an occasional driver you have to be over 25 and from a different family.

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I would check with yopur insurance company. Mine won't cover any driver under 25 unless my car is stolen.

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Bruce J
Generally speaking...it's not a good idea.

Even if the car is covered, the injuries suffered by the parties involved may not be. Call your agent to make sure of the exact coverage. It only takes one little slip-up these days to lose your home and your retirement savings. People will sue at the drop of a hat....

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JT B ford man
Does he live with you and how old is he , Most insurance will cover someone that is driving your car you see the insurance covers the car and who ever is driving it hope this helps,

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Dave S
It depends on how your policy is written. Some policies, such as mine, excludes any driver under the age of 25. Rates are much lower. If he is going to be driving your car frequently you should probably should have him listed on your policy. If he drives it only occasionally, maybe not. The best thing to do is talk to your insurance agent.

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I think it depends on the state. You should probably go to your local DMV and pick up a driving book. There is usually a section on insurance in there.

I know in MA (my state) if he is insured on any vehicle and your vehicle is insured he can drive it as long as you don't live in the same house.

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Probably, but you need to check first by reading your policy or calling and asking your agent if your grandson is under age 25 since some policies will not cover under 25 drivers.

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Loaded question. For an ABSOLUTE answer, you're going to have to ask your agent.

On MOST (but not all!) policies, if you lend your car to someone less than once a month, less than 10X a year, and they do NOT live with you, you won't have a coverage problem. But if they are a regular driver, and/or LIVE in your household, you most likely need to list them.

There ARE POLICIES OUT THERE that flat out say something like, "failure to list a driver, when listing that driver would have resulted in additional premium, voids coverage".

Now, some people here are going to say, "the insurance follows the car, not the driver". But that's NOT TRUE 100% OF THE TIME, or in all states. Do NOT take coverage advise from someone who's never even SEEN your policy. Talk to your agent and ask them.

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ken erestu
When you give someone/anyone permission to drive your car, the vehicle is insured, not the driver.

If he lives in your household, he must be added to your list of eligible drivers. If not, then the vehicle is insured when he drives it.

Hope this helps.

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sticky nikki
As an insurance Agent, I think I can answer this. But laws do vary from state to state. IN MOST STATES, As long as you have at least state minimum required insurance, any occasional driver is covered under your policy for liability purposes. Therefore, if you let your grandson use your car to go to the mall, and he hits someone's car in the parking lot, your insurance will pay up to your limits for the damages to the other car. If he lives with his parents and is on their policy, and is borrowing your car because his is broke down, that car is taking place of his usual car as a substitute, and is covered. However, if he lives with you, or you loan the car to him for an indefinite period of time, you may want to consider adding him to your policy or atleast having him purchase his own.

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I believe your grandson will be insured as long as he has permission from you to drive your car & he is just driving it occasionally. Just call your insurance agent to make sure you are insured for an occasional driver. If your grandson is taking the car for an extended period then he needs to be listed as a "secondary" driver.

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If hes 25 or older most insurance companies give automatic coverage to who ever is driving your car..

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