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 Who is the best insurance company?
ive looked at :-

esure, direct line, morethan, swiftcover, confused.com, admiral, elephant, sheilas wheels, swinton, diamond.



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 I let my friend drive my car I only have liability and my friend has no insurance He wrecked my car who pays?

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 My car insurance company canceled my policy because i missed a payment can they keep back my proof of no claim
i did not have money in bank for monthly payment,insurance firm canceled policey even when i offered to pay three days later,they are asking me to now pay a cancelation fee even though it was them ...

 What happens to the person in a road accident that has no tax, mot insurance?
my car slid into a parked car when we had snow.....but when i went to sort the claim, i found out he had no insurance, tax or mot. does anyone know what happens to the person if i report him i.e does ...

If another driver crashes into me and damages my car do I have to pay the excess or their insruance company?
My dad took out a policy with car insurers for. He was quoted about 389 but he set the excess to the highest possible. I basically want to know if I am driving one day and someone crashes into me do I have to pay the excess for my car to be repaired or doe's their insurance? Me and my friend were discussing it and I thought it would be only if the damage to my car was my fault I would have to pay excess.
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Thank you for the answers.

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The other drivers insurance will only pay up to the amount of insurance they have. like if they have ten thousand dollar liability that is all they will pay. you would have to take the other driver to court to recover the rest. you should talk to your insurance agent to find out what kind of coverage you need to be protected.

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The person who hit you or his insurance company, you shouldn't have to pay anything.

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Just me!
If you are in a accident and their at fault, the insurance company will pay for all damages on your vehicle just as long as you give them information on the other vehicle.

If you are at fault the insurance company will fix the other party's car and your insurance premium will increase/go up, your premium may increase up to $500.00 more each year for 3 years.

here in California who ever is at fault at 51 % is at fault.

uninsured motorist:
if your in an accident and the person is uninsured and you give the insurance company the information on the other party,
You will Not pay a deductible and your car gets Fixed and No increase of premium.

if you have No information on the other party, the insurance company has No way of contacting that other party
You Must Pay Your Deductible and your car gets Fixed and No increase of premium.

this is here in California but I'm not sure about other States?

I hope this helps...

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They pay all it they are at fault.

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If it is not your fault then you get your excess back.

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Canadian Guy
If they are at fault it is not your liability but this does not mean your premium will not go up. Hell the insurance company might tag on a risk factor for your specific geographical area.

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beavis b
No.Not if its not your fault.

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there insurance company will pay the bill but you may have to foot some of it.

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It depends whom you claim from. If you claim from your own insurance (if the other guy's not insured, say), then yes of course.

If you claim from the other driver, then you are entitled (as with any other claim for compensation) to be put back in the same position financially as you were before.

So...car hits you - it's their fault - you get car repaired - you claim the cost from them.

One caveat - if you get your insurance company to handle the claim for you, you might have to pay the excess up front until they get it back for you. Sometimes these things drag on a bit.

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rdm cherubs
the exact thing happened to us, if the other person admits full liability to you and the insurance you do not need to pay the excess, as in our case he admitted to us and then our insurance company phoned him within the hour and he accepted to them thank goodness. If they do not admit liability then you would need to pay the excess at the beginning and if you are found to be at fault do not get it back however if the other driver is deemed at fault you will be refunded the excess. Hope that helps but hope you dont need to claim

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Basically you are correct, however it isn't always quite that simple.

For instance:

If you take your car to be repaired, you may have to pay the excess amount........ until your insurance company have claimed it back from other party

My car was written off, when I received the cheque in settlement they had reduced the amount by how much my excess was........... again until my insurance company have claimed it back

If the car is to be repaired a hire vehicle isn't always supplied

That relates to accidents....

but other excesses apply as well:

there will be an excess for damaged windscreens - repairers tend to bill insurance for cost less excess, which you are expected to pay

there will be an excess on theft of audio equipment stolen from vehicles, insurance may send settlement cheque less that amount, or relace item but charge you the excess

As with all things, especially insurance policies, there is a lot of small print, which usually ends up costing the customer money. Also lots of cases where under certain circumstances the cover is invalid, for example items stolend from an unlocked vehicle

Sorry if this all sounds even more confusing, but as I said, it's never quite as simple as you think it's going to be.

For specific details then you would have to sit and read the policy that came with the insurance policy......... lengthy, boring and full of long legal sounding words!!

Good luck............ the cheapest option is to drive carefully and not have any accidents............. but that is in an ideal world where other drivers are considerate and don't break the law.

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Proud Navy Wife
When I was hit, and the other driver was at fault, all costs for repair including what my deductable would've been were covered by the other insurance company. If you file the claim with your company, you will be asked to pay the deductable and then be reimbursed if the other company accepts liability for the accident.

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