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 Do parking tickets go on your record and count towards points on your driving record?

 My car MOT runs out in a month, if it is retested before expiry and fails is previous cert stil valid?

 Is there any grace period for expired MOT?
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 Can I pay a damage bill from the other parties insurance Co to avoid my own company paying & save my discount?

Additional Details
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 What do I do if a car I want to buy has no title?
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 How long does it usually take 4 the police to find you're vehicle when it's been stolen?
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If a driver gets your license plate number because you caused an accident and didn't stop, are you in trouble?
This is an hypothetical question. Say suppose you bump the car ahead of you because you're too close. But the bump is enough to push that car (Car A) ahead into the car ahead of it. You assume that it's just a bump and there's probably no damage, so you keep on going. This is on the interstate, so you go into another lane to get away. The driver that you bumped gets your license plate number and reports it to the police. Are you in trouble even if there's no damage or evidence that your car bumped his car?

And also, if the driver didn't get a license plate number, would the accident be Car A's fault? And even if the driver did get a license plate number and says you caused the accident, could it still be Car A's fault for being too close to the car ahead of him?

If you work in insurance or a cop, please answer.
Additional Details
First, I want to assure everyone this never happen and I know hit and run is bad.

But, isn't it possible Car A could be blamed for the accident? (because if that car wasn't so close to the car ahead, then the car that bumped him wouldn't have pushed him into the car ahead). And also, this story about Car A being bumped sounds like a story anybody would make up to avoid being at fault (even though it might be true). So, I think that the car that bumped Car A could get away with it. What do you think? Be honest. But of course I guess they could match paint between Car A and the car that bumped it if someone got the license plate number, but with the shock of having an accident and the car that bumped it speeding away fast, chances of getting the license plate number are slim.

Lastly, let me assure that I'm not planning to bump a car and I don't follow closely.

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If the police didn t witness a situation or accident they do not investigate much. if there is a witness and this person suffred property damage they will investigate especially because it would be considered hit-run casa. If the person was bumped- pushed and caused damage to a third party vehicle this person could be in trouble because this person car will be blamed, so the person will protect him/herself by testifying that another driver pushed the car and drove off. if the third party vehicle and second party vehicle didnt suffer any damage at all, then they probably would not need to have their insurance involved or the police. But still if they got your license plate they may call you and ask to initiate investigation for hit and run and remember you have to stop, leave a note or at least apologize if you didnt cause damage is just courtesy getting off the vehicle, saying you are sorry, make sure the person is okay even if it is obvious nothing big happenned. People work hard to earn money and our vehicles are our "babies" just showing concern for the other person's wellbeing can get forgiveness easily. ...doing something that shows care is just fair.

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The law states you have to stop. If the license plate number was recorded the police will more than likely track the person down at their home or place of employment. It may be considered hit and run which could lead to an arrest.

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Yes, you can get into trouble, especially if the cars' owners claimed that there was damage. The point is anytime you bump into a car, you ALWAYS are supposed to stop even if the damage is minimal. If you do not stop, then it is considered a hit and run.

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YES! You should try to turn in yourself first, though. You could end up getting in even more trouble for ignoring what happened and acting like it's no big deal. You should also try to find out who you bumped into and apologize to that person for the trouble that you caused that they are probably going through.

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Jojo F
i'm a cop in ga i would run the tag through the computer and see who the vehicle comes back to then i would go to there residence and ask if they were in an accident, get there story and get the other person story compare stories, then make a decision to who was at fault and write that peron a ticket and if neither one of there stories added up i'd write both of them tickets, it also depends on what they say and how they act as well though, i've dealt with this situation a lot and every case i write both of them a ticket cause it always seems like there both lying to me about something, so for both of them there insurance goes up

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toatlly- you just broke the law and will get a fine for sure if not jail time

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No 666
yes,you left the scene of an accident.it is big trouble.

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You've got the right answers from everyone here. Yes, it's leaving the scene of an accident, and you can be arrested for it. Yes, the police can find you with your plate number.

No, just because you fled that wouldn't make it another persons fault for what you caused. It would just cause an investigation, talking to witnesses as to the make and color of your car, paint scrapings, things like that.

Don't ever assume there is no damage just because the bump was minor. Always stop and find out.

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YES. that's called a hit and run and one can get in BIG TROUBLE for it.

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hypothetically you are your friend could be in some trouble, tho you didn't cause any damage you fled the scene of accident. That is never good, its best you call yourself in right away. First of all your gonna get a ticket for following to close, second ur gonna get a ticket for fleeing the scene.

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If there's no contact, you're not in trouble. If there is contact, that's criminal, it's called "leaving the scene of a property damage accident".

You can't possibly assess the damages, while driving, without stopping.

And if you're bumping a car hard enough to push it into another vehicle, WHILE ON THE HIGHWAY, you can be darned tootin' sure there's going to be some damage.

Depending on state law, rear end pileups can either be the fault of the very last guy, OR, everyone is responsible for the damage to the car immediately ahead of them, OR, you're only reponsible for the REAR END damage of the car ahead of you.

That's because, in order to have these damages, ALL OF THE CARS must be tailgating. If Car A is a proper distance behind Car C, then Car B can't POSSIBLY push into them - unless it's a tractor trailer or something.

So the answer depends on the state the accident occurs in. Apologies to the grammar police, for that preposition at the end.

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Answer to the 1st question. If the driver got your license plate number and turned it in to the police, an investigation would begin. If you were found to have bumped a car and did not stop you would be responsible for any damage to the car you hit and the the car that was hit by the car you hit. Also, you would most likely be cited for leaving the scene of an accident. Answer to 2nd part, If the driver didn't get a license plate number you would most likely get away with it. Unless the driver of the car you hit could prove the car he hit did something to cause his being hit from the rear, the accident would be charged to the vehicle that hit him (the car you hit).

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