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͏҉ ßõhrçmrïñsÿ★
If a car has been declared totalled by an insurance company, yet still drivable with option of buy back...???
Can it then be reinsured with liability so that it is legal? I'm a bit confused how this works, if that car's VIN number is in the system as a totalled car will any insurance company cover it with the basic(liability) so that I can still legally drive it around? The damage was not so bad that it's not drivable, just not worth fixing.

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Leave this place, run
It should be taken off the road and used as parts, but not cut and shut;
Cut 'n shut
Cut 'n shut is the term used by the motor trade for a car that is made up of two cars, usually both 'write-offs'. The back end of one is welded to the front end of another, often with considerable skill. The car may look like new, but it is likely to be unroadworthy, could be lethal in a crash, and may be worthless when you come to sell it.

The exceptions to this rule are the 'stretched' vehicles made by specialist coachbuilders; construction of these cars means they often have to be cut in half, but they have plenty of additional strengthening to restore their structural integrity.

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Yes it can. But a lot of insurance companies frown on insuring vehicles that have been totaled and have a rebuilt title as they are not only a safety hazard (in the insurance companies eyes) but they have a hard time trying to find monetary value in the vehicle if it gets totaled again. Ask your current company if they would be willing to insure something like that and go from there.

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fed up
Yes you can get it insured, in california I believe only insurable for pl & pd, at least that is what happened to a friend of mine when he bought back a motorcycle he could only get pl & pd. Yhe irony of this is the motorcylce was not damaged that bad, we think the adjuster was trying to pull a quick one, not thinking my friend would opt to buy it back under a salvage title.

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When this happened to me i was informed that, i would have to have all the repairs made to the vehicle, it would have to pass a new MOT and be inspected by the DVLA that was all fine, then they said and we might not re-insure it after all that anyway.

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Ken D
A car can be written off if it is a loss as far as spending out money to have it repaired by the insurance company, if the car is not a total loss you can buy it back and carry out the repairs and then it will probably have to be inspected at the Vehicle Inspectorate before a log book is issued, if it is a total loss it is scrapped.

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John Q
It really depends on what catagory the Insurers Engineer places the car on either A B C D. If the minor ones yes you can have it repaired and then re MOT. Ask your Insurer to offer you cash in lieu of repairs and you retian the salvage. They will allow this provided it is not in the higher catagory. A lot of older cars are deemed beyond repair not because of the fact they are undrivable but due to repairs exceeding the market value. Talk to your Broker if they are a good one then use their advise as they will know. if you deal direct with the company then not so good. Thats where a Broker is preffered.

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Captain Jack
Well, all I can tell you is what happened to me. Some years ago, a van backed into the front quarter of my old pick-up. My truck was 15 years old. The guy's insurance company said my truck was a total, as it wasn't worth fixing. They only wanted to give me $500, even though it couldn't have been replaced for under $1000.

After going round and round with these folks, they finally agreed to give me the $500 and let me keep the truck. I never took the truck off the policy. I pounded out the fender and pulled the frame straight with a come-a-long.

Since there was no unusual wear on the front tires, I drove the truck for another 18 months. I did switch to a new insurance company when my policy with the old company expired, as they gave me no help in getting a fair settlement. I sold the truck for $500 about a year later.

Since the truck never left my ownership, it was not re-titled as salvage, so I needed no certification.

Good Luck


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