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If 2 people are listed as owners on a title to a vehicle, do both parties have to sign the title when selling?
Not sure if this matters, but we live in Missouri.

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yes, unless you or someone else has their power of attorney.

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they sure do

if one of them is deceased, get the death certificate

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Lisa B
I am listed as the additional owner on my boyfriends car and I know if we want to sell it we both have to sign the title to sell it.
As far as I know most states have the same rules, but I live in Ohio lol. Good luck!

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Absolutely yes. I live in Georgia, but I doubt it is different from state to state. I used to work a car dealership, and we always had to do this. Otherwise, there is no way to know if someone has stolen the car from a spouse or whatever and is selling it without their permission.

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Fred C
And both have to sign the bill of sale as well.

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Depends on if it says first person AND second person or does it say OR?

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In California, if you register the car John "AND Jill, both have to sign

If you register it John "OR" Jill, either can sign to get rid of the car.

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