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jesse 36
I was pulled over with no insurance, can you back date insurance so you dont get suspended?
just curious if you can get insurance and back date it to the date of the ticket? any body know of anything?

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Some agents might do that if they see the vehicle. But, it has been my experience that as long as you show up to court with insurance they let it go. Find yourself a cheap policy. You may want to try a website that compares multiple companies at once to get you the best price. I am paying less than ½ after I did.

Go to: http://www.insureme.com/landing.aspx?Refby=616165&Type=auto

Take care,

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lost and confused
Your gonna get it!!

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your ******!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant backdate insurance. just dont get caught

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no, don't drive without insurance

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My husband had a ticket for no insurance (ended that day) well long story, but he got rid of his car soon afterwards and so he didn't have insurance obviously. He still needed to deal with the ticket though, so about 6 months later he bought an old truck and got insurance on it.
He went to court and showed proof of insurance, on a different vehicle months later, but they still dropped the fine down and he just had to pay a 30 dollar court fee.
I would suggest getting insurance and going to court, showing proof of current insurance. Even though you were not insured at the time, if you show you have insurance now they may lower the fine because you are taking care of it and getting insurance. Just be sure to continue the insurance because like everyone else has said, you need it.

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The Oldest Soul
Nope, because in states where insurance is the law, insurance companies are in direct communication with the dmv about dates of insurance.

Sorry. You're going to have to accept the consequences.

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Wolfe Bentley A

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I work in insurance. And no, we cannot back date your insurance.

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I would say no. No repetuable insurance company will do this. Looks like your out of luck.

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Nope. If you weren't covered that day, you weren't covered...you can't go retroactive on that.

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Don E
Insurance is now electronically given to DMV when it is purchased and for what time period. No hideing anything on this one,sorry.

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jay p
that sounds likea whole new law being broken. get insurance and get a court date.hope for a lenient judge.

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Only if the insurance agent wants to go to jail for insurance fraud. Not many are willing to do that.

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No. If you did this and got caught, it would be fraud. Instead of fine, it could mean prison.

Get some insurance. Pay the fine.

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Only if you can find an agent that is stupid enough or crooked enough to do it.

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You really think you could convince an insurance company to commit fraud by back dating an official insurance form? Highly unlikely, especially since most states now have a data base which shows law enforcement your insurance status at the time of stop, and if you failed to make a payment, that information would also be available on line. A good many of the states are now suspending your license if your insurance isn't valid.

Okay, simple answer follows. NO!

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Fred C
I am a licenced broker. If I backdated your application, I would lose my licence, period. There is no company that will accept a back-dated application. If we could, people would wait until the fire to insure the house - think about it!

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