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I was in a car accident, a lady rearended me,my car is totalled,her insurance wont pay bc someone hit her?
I was rearended and the lady that hit me. We did not call the cops..first mistake...bc no one was injured we exchange info. an appraiser came out to look at my car and said it is totalled. So now her insurance is saying they will not pay for anything yet because we have conflicting stories.She is claiming somene hit and runned her. I filed the claim with her insurance the morning of the accident. She called 3 days later to file property damage on her car. (Anything could happen in 3 days) so now we are at a stand still. I dont want to have to get an attorney, but it looks like I may have to. Any other suggestions? OR advice?

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Nope. Get an attorney. Sue for pain and suffering too.

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get an attourney, sue both her and her insurance and fight it all the way and consult with your insurance too. Also you can probably still file a police report, the rules vary depending upon your area. If she was in a hit and run there would be both front and rear end damage to her car. Also even if someone hit her she still shouldn't have hit you unless she was either going to fast or following to close. For your car to be totalled the colission had to to be pretty intense.
good luck

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contact your lawyer.

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If the other lady truly was pushed into your vehicle, then she is just as much a victim as you. You didn't mention if you saw this other vehicle or if there was conversation about the other vehicle while you were exchanging information. I agree it would be odd if she never said anything about it at the scene, but if so, there may be truth to it. An attorney is not going to be able to prove that for you. Your insurance company would as they should attempt to inspect the other woman's vehicle as well to confirm if there is damage to the rear, or at least get photos of it from the other insurance company.

The other woman's insurance company is not agreeing to pay for your damages yet because they have a duty to protect their insured until/unless they can prove she is liable for your damages. That's why it's important you get your insurance involved so they can protect your interests.

BTY, you can't sue her insurance company, you could only sue her. Her insurance company was not driving the vehicle and did not physically cause the accident, they are merely the source of payment for a product (auto insurance) that she purchased to cover her in an auto accident.

Anyone advising you to get an attorney and claim pain and suffering are the type of people who raise everyone else's insurance with fraudulent claims. If you're not really injured (which you said in your post), please do everyone who pays insurance a favor and be honest about it...not that you didn't plan on being honest, but just be careful about the advice you decide to follow.

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I take it you are in UK If you are fully comp. let the insurance worry about it. that is what you pay them for. If not get yourself a lawyer. what I think you will find is that he one who collided with the one who hit your car will ultimately pay for the lot. Do not forget to claim for personal injuries if you were hurt. I do not know what the US system is but I suspect it is not dissimilar to our own with insurance companies responsible only for collecting the premium

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Nate W
Have you talked your insurance company about all of this? They should help you get the money from the other carriers. Before you start hiring lawyers talk them first and see what they can do.

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David W
If the lady really was rearended by another car, there will be damage to the back of her car; is there? If not, it's her fault; if there is, you may have to go under your uninsured motorist. Then your company can try to collect from one of the other drivers. Your company has experience and resources that you don't have, so let them work on it. You'll have to pay your deductible, but if your insurer collects anything, they should reimburse you.

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Report the accident to your insurance company and let them handle the claim. They have waaaaay more experience dealing with this type of claim than you do. If your insurer cannot get this resolved then you will have to take this to court.

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have you called your insurance company? if you have collision coverage they will pay for your totaled car minus your deductible and then go after the other lady's insurance company. if you dont have collision coverage you have a problem. also, your company will look at the ladys car to verify the front and rear damages. even if she has rear end damages, they can tell if new or old damages.

the ladys insurance can verify if she was rear-ended 1st or not since she will have both front end and rear end damages. if she does, the ladys company +++may++ be responsible for 50% of your damages, but could deny based on the fact that she was not the proximate cause, but the unknown party who fled the scene.

hopefully you have collision coverage. they can handle and they can fight with the other company so you can move on.

good luck

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John T
If another car rammed her causing her to go into you then the car which hit her is responsible for the damage to all cars involved.

Was there a 3rd car involved? did you get their details?
Were there any witnesses?

You need to get your insurance to speak to hers and sort this out.

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