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Nad _
I live in 2 states which one should I register my car in? VA/NJ?
I am licensed and registered to vote in VA, I have a room and my mailing address is VA, I rent a room in NJ for which I also have a mailbox/address for. I live and work in both states. I do carpentry work in both states, so where I am most of the time depends on where the better paying jobs are. The majority of work I am doing at the moment is in NJ. I would like to register and insure my car (currently garaged in VA) but I plan on being in jersey for at least 6 months. It is my understanding that if I am living in NJ I must apply for a NJ license within 60 days. Can I have two licenses? Should I just keep my VA license and register my car in VA?

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By law, you can't have more than one drivers license at a time. I would recommend checking with NJ. You would have to register it at your primary residence which would be Va. Your not legally a resident of NJ. You need to look into dual registering your car, some states require this and note it on your registration. Good luck on the NJ job, sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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just me
All the answers are on the right track. I am from NJ, and you are not legally alowed to have multiple licenses. So legally my rcommendation is to register it in Va. Your license and voter registration are in Va.

But many people don't obey the laws, and they have licenses in two states. If Va and NJ are recipical, which I believe they are, you may not be able to get a license in both states. And I also believe that with the CDL's (commercial drivers license) now being issued, DMV records are nation wide, and the DMV will pull up an existing license in another state. Now those people that have two licenses in different states are illegal, but what they have done is get a duplicate license in one state, and then surrender the original one to the other state when they apply for the license in that state. Since you go to VA and NJ often enough, and get mail in both states, it wouldn't be hard for you to renew either state when they are ready to expire.

I am in absolutely no way endorsing this practice, it is illegal, but it is done.

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It would depend on the state that your car is in most of the time. As a good rule of thumb, whichever state you pay state income tax in, should be the state you register your car. Some states require you to pay your personal property tax in order to register your vehicle, unless you rent. Then you get a "waiver".
Whatever state you list on your Federal and State tax returns should be the state you register your car in. However, some states require you to register your car in their state if is in-state for 90 consecutive days. Check your local laws in both NJ and VA. You cannot have two drivers licenses, so I would keep the VA current, and keep a copy of your tax return handy if questions arise about getting a NJ license. You MUST pick one state or the other. Again, where you file your taxes should be the state of permanent residence.

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both, i mean which ever one u go to more, the state u go to more

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The state your drivers license is from

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connie sue
primary residence

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A lot of people that live in NJ have homes else where, and many register there cars in other states, that why you see so many Flordia state plates here.lol Most people that I know that have done it did so because insurance is cheaper down there then it is in NJ. NJ has one of the highest insurace rates in the country. If your equally in both sates I would register my car where ever it is cheaper to insure.

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Christa B
The best way to answer this question is to call the Tag office and find out what they say. That way you are safe from getting a ticket. Just explain you issue. It is difficult to really say from my stand point because where do you pay your taxes. ?????? Good luck!!

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sexy red

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Joanne B
It sounds like your main residence is in VA, so I would register your car in VA.

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bob h
If you live & work in a state, you are theoretically a resident of that state & must register there. In your circumstances, you are registered to vote in VA so Va would be the logical choice. Obviously, you must maintain the VA residence to remain a voter there.

That is the common sense answer. Now check with the DMV office in both states & work it out. I mean the toll free number or web site. As I found out the hard way here in Florida, the local office is way too often wrong. Good luck in being able to keep it registered in VA as I know it costs a fortune to transfer car title & D/L to another state.

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Some of these answers are really good especially about calling or contacting the DMV office and or the office of Vehicle registration/County tax office. In Texas our Drivers licenses are issued by the State but our vehicles are registered through the County Tax office and that is where we pay our fees for registration, unlike some states this can be done all in one office, but I digress.

You should register and insure your vehicle with your principal garaging address/State of residence which sounds like VA from what you wrote. Most all States have reciprocal agreements with other States that honor the license and insurance of a person from a different State as long as that person is indeed a temporary resident. Remember the key word here is temporary and should something ever happen you need to be able to back up the fact that you are indeed temporary. Most States define a temporary resident as one who lives in that state for less than 6 months, some it’s one who lives there less than a year. There are more exceptions for temporary residents from another country.

Good luck and I hope this helped. Please do follow the advice of one person who answered here and call the concerned authority at a regional or State level, local offices no matter how good intentioned are not always up to date on current rules or exceptions.

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