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 Where to find the best auto insurance quotes?
I was searching for the answer. hope to find the one for my ...

 Is there something wrong with me? i failing my driving test 3 time and had to take my permit again?
i drive safe when its just me or the people i know but once the dmv lady get in i'll act confidence but then somehow mess up or miss more then 15? just wondering how many try did i take ya to ...

 If your driver's license is suspended in one state, can you apply for one in another state?

 Will insurance cover this??!?
i just got my restricted. and i was wondering if i can drive to school tomorrow covered by my dads insurance. do i need to be claimed?...

 Cheap car insurances?
i'm a 21 year old college student driving a 2005 make car- i need a reasonable insurance company any suggestions.. any incentives for being a female and being on the deans list in college?...

 How can I cancel my geico car insurance?
I pay for my geico car insurance every six months because I save some money instead of paying monthly. Here is a thing I am going to out of US for 3 months and I do not need insure my car however I ...

 Ice from my car broke someones windshield will my ins pay for it?
If not am I personally liable?I stopped and there is a police report. My insurance says that it should go through the other persons comprehensive insurance. If this person does have glass coverage ...

 I lost my license somewhere..Can I still drive because i need to go somewhere?
I'm 18 and i have my license but i lost it 2 days ago and im wondering if i get pulled by the cops will my friend get introuble for letting me use her car without my license with me...ill bring ...

 Policy was cancelled... what are my options.?
Due to some bad weather and really bad luck, I have two strikes against me on my policy in one year (I was insured for ten years with this company). They have refused to renew my policy and are ...

 Do i retake my driving test if i get 6 points within the first 2 years?
Last year ( dec 2006) i was stopd by the police for driving without insurance on a provisional liscence during a lesson with my mother (i had already contacted insurance company bt stupidly drove ...

 If you are really rich do you need insurance?
What I mean by really rich is that you can easily afford to pay whatever claims are made against you. Up to several million pounds....

 Hardship license?????????/?
im 16 almost 17 and i only have my permit. i have a job but not always is someone here to take me to it because my mom works an hour away and my bro and papaw work too. my papaw is getting in trouble ...

 Speeding ticket, will it raise my insurance in texas?
I got a speeding ticket a few days ago and would like to take the defensive driving class instead, if the judge will let me. i really dont want to let my dad know about it and i am willing ...

 Can a car owner have 2 insurance policies on 1 car. If so, wouldn't both have to pay if an accident accured.
Wouldn't both insurance company have to pay me what the car is worth?

When I was 18 a women hit me and her insurance company only paid what the car was worth. I figured, if I could ...

 When an insurance company figures the total loss of a vehicle which kelley blue book value do they use?
A willow tree fell on my car. It is a 1998 and had 60,000 miles on it. Needless to say, the willow tree did quite a bit of damage to the rear of the vehicle, I am asuming that it will be considered ...

 Insurance needed for driving mom's car?
I'm an 18 year-old living in CA, and I recently got my driver's license. I do not have a car, and won't have one for a while. For now, I'm driving my parents' cars to school, ...

 Will my insurance find out about a parking violation?
I have Michigan insurance and I was driving in NYC. I unknowingly parked in a "no parking" zone and received a ticket. When I registered for my insurance, I claimed that I will not be ...

 I purchased GAP insurance on my new car, and it was totalled, what's next?
I just got in an accident and I think my car will be totalled. I'm expecting to get a claim's check, however I thought about keeping $2000.00 or so for a down payment and having my GAP ...

 How to find owner bye license plate number?

 Can the owner of a car found at fault in an accident be sued if he wasn't the driver?
I own a car that I personally carry comprehensive coverage on only (I am currently living in a different area of the state than the car is). If someone else drives the car with insufficient or no ...

I just got my license back after losing it for speeding... who can i get to insure my car??? no one will?
i was previously insured through RAA but now they wont insure me coz my license was disqualified for speeding

they reffered me to another place but then i will be paying $120 a month an its comprehansive insurance

mum an dad wanted me to hav third party
i WAS paying $40 a month

PLEASE help someone
i want to insure my car for around the same amount i was paying

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Watch IT!
I'd try AAFES

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When you play you got to pay. Man up and pay it.

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maybe you shouldn't be such a speed demon... you have to pay the whole amount thats what happens... i guess you learned your lesson?

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Lover not a Fighter
>>> i want to insure my car for around the same amount i was paying

Sorry but that's not going to happen after a suspension for speeding. You just have to bite the bullet and slowly build your credibility (no speeding).

Good Luck...

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you wont find it for that price again. Call around and explain your situation and you might be able to get for around one hundred.

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Well, you CAN'T insure it for the same amount! You're now a REALLY high risk driver!! You now have to go to a company that writes high risk drivers, and pay a high risk price.

Not all companies write in all states, but you should check with Windsor, Progressive, and Leader Infinity.

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Call around. Some companies do not penalize you for a suspended license and may only charge for the speeding ticket. It depend on the state and the company.

Don't get comprehensive insurance. You need liability insurance to drive legally.

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