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 Got into a car accident 2 years ago and found a summons under my door today.What should I do?
The guys who took the red light and hit me (which totally wrecked) my car are suing me for damages,trauma etc etc through a private lawyer (i think).
My father stopped paying the insurance ...

 I wish to be a taxi driver do I need a clean liscense i have 4 points from 6 years ago?

 My suv was found stripped and burned.?
My suv was found stripped and burned. It had $15,000 rims and $5000 in audio and video. Is it any hope with my Insurance that they'll cover more than just the deprecitated value of the SUV?

 Whats the best way to do driving lessons?
my mate is just about to start but doesnt know wether to do a crash course or have a couple of lessons a week....

 Why Insurance company say My 94 geo Prism is not worth fixing,and I have full coverage insur.?

 On an auto policy does one person's ticket affect the whole policy?
We are a family of 4 (California). The oldest driver got a ticket for running a red light and is not eligible for driving school. Will all of our rates go up on the policy?...

 Do you have to sign your vehicle registration?

 I have brought a new car and my mum has lent me the money so i have brought it in her name, when i insure it..?
do i neeed to insure it in my mums name with me a named driver (she has no no claims bonus) or can i insure it with me as the main driver (as i have full NCB) and my mum as a named driver. Its UK and ...

 How do you know how much insurance to take when you buy car insurance?

 What to do Jeep wrecked (totaled)?
long story, she hit me and she had no ins.Mine is taling care of it but body shop has did 5G's already on it and now they say the frame is (Diamond) and can't be repaired needs new frame,...

 Car insurance?
what would be better? should i say im using my car for commute, buisness or pleasure....

 Being pulled over by police on random check?
What will happen if a driver got pulled over by the police for a routine check you provide all the documents what will the police find out from when they ring up the insurance company full list ...

 In California, what exactly is covered with liability car insurance?
My car is only covered by basic liability insurance required by the state. I was recently in an accident where another vehicle swerved causing me to roll over 5 times into a ditch and total my car. T...

 How do u get dmv info without going to the dmv website?

 What discounts does Progressive offer its customers?
Like being a student, or taking remedial classes or ABS...

 That new car on the news that costs £1400 i heard thet is is made of pressed grass or somthin is this true?
i dont wanna get 1 or nothin i just ...

 Someone hit my PARKED car and i dont have insurance but they do.They gave me all their ins info.Will they pay?

 Insurance question (had an accident from a blown tire)?
Ok... i was on the highway on my way to school and then suddenly a construction truck blew his tire off. i couldn't avoid the tire heading directly to me. my front bumper was wrecked! including ...

 How old do you have to be to rent a car?
I am 18, i have my G for Ontario canada...and i am currently insured... can i rent a car?...

 Attention all USA drivers, when I was over there I noticed some cars did not have a licence plate.?
I cannot now recall whether it was the front or rear plate that was missing. No-one seemed able to give a sensible answer....

I hit a parked car and didn't leave a note. Now what?
there was some damage to the car, a scratch and a little dent. I freaked out and drove off , later i felt really bad and went back to leave a number. The car had already left when i got there. What happens if someone saw and got my plate #. i don't need anyone tellin me what i did was wrong. i know it was. but i do need advice.

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♥ Uwish ♥
I guess you will find out if their insurance company tracks you down.

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just hope the cops dont show up at your door step, if they dont, your off clean

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Put yourself in their place.How would you feel then? Sometimes it`s not worth the lost sleep. You know what to do or you would`nt have returned to the scene.Good luck.

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Report the accident to the police. That way it won't look like a hit and run even though technically it was.

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Steve Stifler
You know your going to have to call the cops and report it. Otherwise that's hit and run, and leaving the scene of an accident. Don't worry I'll make those tickets out while you wait no just kidding. I would rather call the cops and it will be a lot easier then to hide from it. I mean you report it the cops should be easier then if someone else reports it and you try to lie about it. You went back to the scene of the accident you should know what to do. Do the right thing face the music and pay your dues. Good luck

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easy. if someone got your plate you can expect the cops to knock on your front door any minute now. have fun with that.

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SO IT'S YOU WHO HIT MY CAR!!! LoL jk Umm...just don't worry about it too much. If police does show up then say why then pay for it. Well that what I would do.

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Deal with your conscience.

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