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 What do 3 points on a provisional license do to your insurance upon renewal?
I have had my provisional license since Feb 06 - only because I haven't got around booking my practical test. I have had my car and insurance since Dec 07 and paid about 350 pounds 3rd party.

 If my child didn't take drivers ed class, can she still just take the test and get the learners permit?

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im 16 and i have a permit...but my parents wont let me get a license (probationary license for 16-18) because they think that it'll make their insurance cost go up...will it? or..wat ...

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 Which is the best car insurance to have.?

 Car crash question?
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 I was in an accident, no one was at fault, no insurance USA Utah?
I was in an accident on my way home from work today, a sports car came screaming by and knocked me and another guy off the road, we hit each other and the sports car drove off.

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 What are some tips to get cheaper car insurance?
I have a very poor driving record. Right now, I'm paying about $4,000 a year to insure my car. It will probably go up when the policy renews in Sept. What can I do in the meantime?


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I got into an accident with one of my friends last week. I was going faster than the limit and he wanted to joke around so he changed his lane right before I got to his car. I tried not to hit him ...

 Auto accident that wasn't my fault on my brand new lease. Only 633 miles on it. What are my options?
Dealer is not cooperating. Wants me to get it fixed before we talk about trading or anything....

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 Help! Being sued for auto accident and my liability was too low. What can happen?
I just received notice from my insurance co that I am being sued for an accident that I was at fault in last summer. At the time, there were no injuries reported and we each were able to drive away. ...

 When do you pay your car insurance bill?
how many months during the year, like once a month or every four?

stupid question but I cant ifnd the answer on the website and I pay direct deposit I have 2 bills and they seem to come ...

 Am going to court next week. for driving with no insurance and driving with a provisional licence.wot points g?
how many points will i get? after my ban will i still be able to go for my test?...

 I hit a bike with my car,what the maximum penalty i could get?
i had an accident with a bike today,i was going to turn right when a car from a long queue gave me right of way, i turned but suddenly a bike showed up on the other side of the vehicle and we ...

I have just recieved a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt. Any advice on how I can fight this and win it?
I am 17 and this is going to screw me over for a long time. I realize it was stupid but i just have to try and get out of these demerit points.

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Luke M
Just challenge it and go to court, 60% of the time the officers don't show up and it is an automatic win for you.The other 40% of the time u can usually get away with winning 15% of the time

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Plead not guilty.
Request a supporting deposition from the cop.
If he/she doesn't provide that, or if they don't show up for the court date, the summons will probably be dismissed.
Last resort, tell the court that you were wearing it, but when you began to get pulled over, you undid it...

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It really depends on which state you are in. Each state has different laws and different requirements for driver's licenses. To challenge it, set up a court date (the instructions on how to do this are usually handed out with the ticket in most states). In my state, if the officer fails to appear at the hearing, you win. If he does show up, however, you lose and typically pay more than just the fine (court costs).

You can also ask for pre-trial intervention programs like driving school to ensure you do not get any points.

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it's not a point ticket....Just the fine. Seatbelts are the law, you couldnt get out of it anyway

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Kamui VII
its only a 1 point ticket and within a year can be off your record.

but it you want to try and get it reduced, which i dont know what else, maybelike a broke taillight....

but you can go to court on your court date and ask the judge to reduce it down to something that doesnt put a point on your license.

but bring backup like your parents and have them ask the judge... support from your parents might get the judge some empathy

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Were you wearing your seat belt? That would be your only defense, and if you were not you deserve the ticket. Pay it.

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Scott H
That isn't a moving violation, so it shouldn't affect your insurance. How would you fight it anyway - either you were wearing it or you weren't. Not a lot of gray area there. Wear your seatbelt next time.

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Road Apples
There's really no fighting it... you weren't wearing it, and that's clearly breaking the law. The best thing to do to get out of those points would be to take one of those driver classes meant for people who want to get some points off their license. They won't remove all of the points, but a few is better than a lot.

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it shouldn't be a point ticket? just a fine the first time I believe.... pay it and learn your lesson.

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