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I had a car accident and I'm liable for the damages.?
But the other driver went and repaired her car without supplying me with the quote or letting me get a quote. Am I liable to pay for this?
Additional Details
But the other driver went and repaired her car without supplying me with the quote or letting me get a quote. I do not have any insurance. Am I liable to pay for this?

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You are 100% liable for the other person's damages. He/she, in turn, is obligated to provide you with an estimate of repair costs PRIOR to vehicle repairs. If the insurer of the person you hit paid the claim then you should be OK to reinburse them for the costs. If he/she did it on their own then this could get real messy. How do you know if the estimate is correct? etc, etc.
You may have to have a judge decide the outcome.
Dang...THIS is why insurance is necessary....it doesn't cost, it PAYS!

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Todd C
First, no one needs to supply 3 estimates for repairs. There are even a few states that have laws against this demand.

Second, no fault almost always applies to _injuries_, not property damage (Michigan is the only state I know of where this does not apply).

Lastly, yes you are liable for the repairs. While the person has the responsiblity to prove their loss, the esimate (performed by a non-bias third party) would certainlly qualify as proof of the loss. About your only recourse is to submit the person's estimate/repair bill to another 3rd party who is qualified to repair vehicles and see of they could have done the work for less. It's doubtful that the other person would except the lesser payment but their recourse would be to file in small claims court.

I don't know of any state that does not require liability insurance on a vehicle. You were driving without insurance? Do you really want to press this issue?

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yes, you are.

i agree that it probably wasn't right of her to go out and get her car fixed without getting several quotes, but on the flipside, if she needed to get her car back on the road fast, then she took the most sensible option for her circumstances.

put yourself in her shoes - she can either sort it out quickly and hit you up for the costs, or mess around trying to get quotes and dealing with this through you when she may not have the time or availability to do that. it could be a big inconvenience to her, when she didn't cause the damages in the first place.

at the end of the day, if you caused the damages, you are liable for the cost of repairs, regardless of who pays for the damage repairs initially.

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Why don't you notify your insurance. You shouldn't pay until your insurance tells you hopefully they will just tell you to pay a portion. If you didn't have insurance is another story.

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if the other person repaired the car then where's the evidence that an accident actually did happen? maybe it was figment of their imagination?? were the police called? is there any proof that you actually hit this person?

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git r done
she has got to give you 3 quotes,then you pick one,she can't make you pay any other way.

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You need to notify your insurance company, providing them with copies of the accident report, etc. It's their job to deal with the other party to the accident. Liability will hinge on who was responsible for the accident - and to wat degree - and whether or not your state is a "no fault" state. You should be in close contact with your insurance agent as you attempt to get a fair settlement offer from the insurance company. It's up to the insurance company to go after the other person's insurance carrier for reimbursement of that person's liability.

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yes - you are liable for the damages.

Are you liable for the amount they paid to have the damages repaired?


Let's say you damaged a door and that door had to be repaired and painted.....but they went out and got the ENTIRE car painted. That one is pretty simple. No - you don't owe to have the entire car painted.

Can they have the entire car painted? Yep - but you only owe to paint the door. Capeche?

Hopefully you have a picture of the damages and can prove what you owe.



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