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I got into a car accident last week and the guy threatened me and wanted to fight me right after we both?
got out of the car is it neccesary for the cops or insurance to know that he threatned me?

because i havent said anything?
by the way im 17 and hes about twenty something gangster type of person...

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Typically the insurance company doesn't care. You can report it to the police and they can ask the other driver about. But more than likely the other driver will either deny it or state that you were the one out of control. Either way, unless you want to proceed with a threat report, it won't do much in the way of the accident itself.

If you've already made the report then I wouldn't worry about it. If the other driver begins to harass you(they'll have your information from the accident report) then you should report it to the police.

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so when u got in a accident did u get his insurance or contact info? please tell me u did, u need to go to the cops and tell him he threatned u man i would have knocked his wankster *** out for u if u was der... at least you got his license plate number right? report his ***

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First, how did you judge that the other person was a 'about twenty something gangster type of person...'? Just by his looks or the words spoken in the heat of the moment? If these were to decide about the personality of a person, then that 'twenty something gangster...' could have branded YOU as a 'spoiled teenage brat'?

Look, when there is an accident, the parties involved always try to put blame on others. Didn't you put the blame on him yourself? In cases of road accidents a road rage is inevitable but that doesn't mean that anyone who shows anger or uses angry word is a rogue or gangster.

I am NOT trying to be judgemental in your case but only trying to show that an attitude similar to the one you are showing (through your question) will NOT solve the problem but will aggravate it further. This is true in all case involving disputes.

I am also NOT trying to say that you cower down and submit without protest if you feel you were NOT wrong. But calling police right away may not help matters. Don't forget the other party will also have something to say against you.

Best thing in such cases would be to coolly think and see who is at fault primarily. If you honestly think YOU are the one at fault accept your mistake and exchange insurance papers.

Even if you are NOT at fault it is better to maintain calm and not to aggravate the situation unnecessarily. Depending on the severety of the accident the cops would be involved any way and the truth would be found out by them and the insurers.

Remember, you being a minor will NOT give you any significant immunity by law, rather in road accident cases you might be held responsible for the accident prima facie since most road accidents involve teenagers/minors.

However, when you all leave the scene of accident and he threatens you on your phone or stalks you or visits your residence to threaten you then you must call cops and lodge complaint.

I hope you will see my point.

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Scott H
Some big tough guy picking on a teenager? That's assault and he could have been arrested. He does have your personal information....maybe just keep it to yourself if he didn't touch you. If he hassles you or threatens you again, call the cops.

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I can understand why you wanted to get away from the situation as soon as possible. That's scary. Call the police and file a report. You just never know what is going to happen. Sorry you had an accident, but I wouldn't want this guy coming back on you.

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Yes, because you are still a minor. Especially if he threatened your life!!! The cops should be involved. Ask them about the insurance company.

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John H
You should have reported this at the scene of the accident. It is important to report this kind of situation to prevent it from happening again. This is a crime and in some cases can lead to violence.

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You can mention it to your insurance, however this has no bearing on whether you or he is at fault....the law states actions after an event have no bearing on fault for the event itself.

As for the cops, you may want to, especially if he has your info and knows where you live.

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