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 My driver's license was stolen...what do I do?
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 When is a car considered a write-off?

 How does my brother hitting someone in my car affect my driving record?
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 I renewed my car insurance policy, with a new car, but they are insuring both my old and new car, what to do?
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Oh so mainy.accident and they move on....

 Id of vin numbers on motor vehicles?

 I am required to appear in court for parking ina handicpp space. Is it possible/legit to plead not guilty???

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 I don't have insurance and hit an insured driver, rental car what happens?
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 If an excluded driver drives my car and hits another car, how can i still get my insurance to pay damages?

Additional Details
the person that drove my car did not have permission to drive....

 Do you need car insurance to get drivers license in Texas?
I'll give the "BEST ANSWER" award to the person who knows what they're talking about and not just guessing at things.
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 If i get myself insured comprehensively on a cheapy car will i be able to drive my parents BMW/MERC?
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 Mot failure??
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 Does hgv driving pay well and is it worth paying to go on a course?

 Cheap uk car insurance for a learner driver ? any good companies ??
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I am moving to a Texas from another state? Do I need to change my auto registration soon?
I will have an apartment in Texas. I will still have a home residence for six months in the other state. The current registration is good unitl June, 2007 for my auto. Can I just wait till this registration expires before I renew in Texas?

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Texas will prob. give you a time limit to get it transferred to Texas. In Alabama the new resident is given 30 days or until current tag expires (which ever comes first). Check with the DMV so you have no trouble.

Here so links to the Texas DMV. Hope that it is helpful.

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Most states have a time requirement, but it looks like Texas just asks that you do it to save them money....Note the link.

However, if you change the registration, and change your auto insurance, the rates where you're living in Texas could be cheaper than where you live now.

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dodge man
you might get away with it,,i did when i moved back to Tennessee from Michigan but it will depend on the rules of the state,,also the officer,s there,,whether or not they actually pull you over and check it,,i think you will be OK on that one though,,especially since you still will have a residence ,,at the other place,,hope this help,s.

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In the state of Texas you have 30 days to change over your vehicle upon becomming a resident. "Resident" means you live there. The first time you are stopped you might get away with it by claiming to be a visitor. It won't work the second time.

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Alois O
I believe new residents to Texas must register there cars within 30 days of arriving. However, I'm sure many people fail to do so and if they are caught they either lie about how long they've been here or simply plead ignorance. Good Luck!

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i beleive here you are required to change address even on your drivers license! but no one ever does it . so until you have to show up at court or something.???

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I moved from California to Texas last July. My CA tags were good through February. I didn't replace them until then. Kept my California Driver's License too.

I was stopped once at a Dallas PD checkpoint where they were searching for expired registration/inspection stickers. The officer asked if I was from out of state. I replied that I was. He waved me through without another question.

So my answer to you would be yes, you can. It's probably doesn't follow the letter of the law, but my experience was that it wasn't a huge deal.

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u have 2 change it. u have 2 weeks to do so.

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for this you will need to check with the locak ordinances. Most states require that upon residency that you have anywhere from 30-90 days to register your vehicle in that state. To make sure though call your local licensing agency for more info.

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Of course you can wait; however, if you get pulled over while having the other states registration you can actually get ticketed and fined. Legally, you're given a number of days (Normally 30-60 days after re-locating) in which you have to register your automobile in the new state.

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You have 30 days to change everything, including your driver's license. I just moved to Texas a year ago, and it was the biggest hassle ever!!! My driver's license was expired by two days (I was unable to get to the DPS on time due to work and was turned away b/c of the extremely long wait time in line) and I had to retake the driver's test and schedule appointments which are hard to get and everything!!! It was easily the biggest problem I've had since I moved here-worse than finding a job and a place to live. My advice is to start early!!! The upside is that it wasn't very expensive to do.

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I think that would be appropriate.

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