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Thats exactly what i need to ...

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 How much is New Jersey's ONLINE car registration?
In their website they talk about a "convenience fee" but don't say how much. I wonder if it is $5-$10 or more) it is convenient for them NOT to tell you until you finish the process....

 SR 22, help im confused?
My boyfriend has a drug conviction and is required to get a SR 22. The thing is he did not have a drivers license at the time of the conviction, nor was he driving. I was driving MY car. Can I ...

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I am 16 and i live with my dad and am buying a car. are there any companies in south central kansas that insure teens without parents or how do i go about getting insurance..my dads company does not ...

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 Can my mother report my car stolen?
Okay so I am pressing charges against my Mom's husband because he physically attacked me. My mom is not defending me at all and is taking his side over mine. Anyways, my Mother is the cosigner ...

 How many times can you take your road test in Minnesota i need help with this one guys pleaaase i heard 3 tho?

 When you have your permit?
if you get caught driving without an adult in the car when you have your permit how long do you have to wait to get your license?...

 Just a question about Geico's insurance rates versus their advertisements?
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 I'm 17, can i get my provisional license without a learner's permit?
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 If i have G1 Driving licence , nd i was driving by myself , what trouble i can get if i got caught by policee?

How to go about getting a title to an abandoned vehicle that's been parked in my yard for at least 5 years?
A guy brought the car to my shop to get fixed. I contacted him about the cost to fix it and he said go ahead that he had the money. When finished with it he was contacted several times about picking it up. Tried to contact him again and number is no longer in service and that was about 5 years ago if not longer. Now I have over $1500.00 in this vehicle that has just been sitting in front of my house because I can't get a title. I've tried several things and still no luck. The letters that I've mailed to the owner has even been returned. Any advice or ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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Not knowing what State your located in I can only give you the procedure here In NY State/NY City. Is your shop a registered repair shop with a registration Number? (Does your state require this) If so, there is a procedure called "Garagman's Lien" It starts with a Legal repair order. Then after a period of time that you TRIED to contact your customer and couldn't you contact an "Auto Shop Auctioneer" you can probably find them listed in the yellow pages. They cost approximately $150.00. They do all the work, It requires official notification as well as checking with your DMV for Liens and Newspaper notice of auction sale. At which time after everything, you get documents to take to the DMV and If everything goes as planned, you get a Title issued to your shops name IE: John Doe's Auto Repair. Good luck but you need patience. After 5 years I think you do.
One other thing: You need to have copies of ALL repair bills-Parts & Labor. Usually an Invoice.

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Karen B
You can do all of the work yourself. This way if you ever have this problem again, you'll be able to process your own vehicles for disposal.
First, you need to contact your local police department. There is a form you will sign (sworn statement) that will authorize you to request vehicle registration information on this car. You HAVE to run the VIN# through the DMV in the state the vehicle is registered in. When you obtain this info. Send certified letters to the owner/ and lienholder on the registration. Even if it's an old lien, you still have to send them a certified letter.
Wait 30 days. Go to your local magistrate court and the will allow you to file a civil claim against the vehicle. I would personally put in the notification that they will be charged storage fees along with the mechanics bill. This way you will have an abandoned vehicle and not a mechanic lien. (much easier to do) There might be a few more steps your state requires, but here in georgia, you will get a court order authorizing you to sell the vehicle. The new owner will take the order to the tag office and have a title back in a few weeks
You must go to your local courthouse- a court ordered judgement against the car is the only way you will obtain ownership. Good luck!

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