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 How much does a provisional licence cost?? (uk)?
How much will it cost me and how long ruffly will it take to come?
Also is there anyway i can pay more to get it quicker?

Thank u ...

 Transferring license from GA to AL??? help?
i moved to alabama form georgia, and im 16. but to get my license transferred over from GA to AL, they say that i need my birth certificate which i got today, and a sheet signed from my school, and ...

if i bought a new car, a ford focus ses 2009. and i put insurance on it (im only 19 and never had my own insurance) how much would it be-- in ny/. thanks!...

 What does it mean when your title doesn't clear after you purchase a vehicle from another person?
Hi everyone,

My lover just bought another car and when he went to get the title, he was informed that his title didn't clear? This is in the state of Texas, if any of you have some ...

 FIRST DRIVING lesson in 2 hours !!?
im getting worried now lol XD

what will the instructor make me do on the first ever lesson ??...

 Hit and run accident, know who the person was.....?
have a police report saying it was this person and now i have her information and her insurance company, nationwide, will be calling here today or tomorow about the claim. what is the next step that ...

 I was involved in an accident and now ready to settle...?
I was involved in an accident last year, and now the insurance of the guilty party is ready to settle; I don't know how much my case is worth, and no I am not looking forward to getting "...

 Can a lender repo your car if your making an attempt to pay?
Drive thats all i have to ...

 How do you obtain a title for an abandoned vehicle?
i've got a 1996 F150 that is abandoned, and i need a title for it. how do i get one?...

 How do i get my own car insurance if i've been covered under someone else's policy?
will i be considered a "new driver?"...

 Insurance on a mustang..?
i really want a mustang convertible. im just curious as to how much it is to insure for a 17 year old girl in NY? (i dont have patience to fill out the things on insurance websites hahaha) Anyways, i ...

 Are SUVs more expensive to insure?
I know you can't tell me for sure whether or not one will be more expensive. But, generally speaking is a small SUV such as a Ford Escape more expensive to insure than say a midsized car like a ...

 How do i check, they stold my car with every thing in it registration, pink slip...?
how can i check for the past owners of a car using the licence plate # of the car
Additional Details
the past owner is not a suspect i need his info because he should have the paper work ...

 How can i convince my mom to let me get my permit?
im 15 years old i told my mom i want to get my permit my mom has been letting me drive in specific places but my step dad told her that if she lets me get my permit and signs it he is guna take her ...

 Is there any thing like bike or something that is legal for kids 12/13 to drive in UK ?
if yes can you please send me pictures or a website where you can buy it.
Additional Details
i dont mean bike i mean ...

 How can I get a title to a car I bought with no title.?
I bought a car with no title and I was wondering if I could get a title for it in. The car was last registered in North Carolina....

 What is the insurance difference between a Honda Civic coupe and a sedan?
Im planning on buying a 2009 Honda Civic coupe, but my parents say that the insurance for a coupe is more expensive, and thus they prefer I get a sedan. theyre probably right, but im wondering how ...

 Can some one explain to me how to get a PA drivers' license?
New Jersey driver's license is complicated. I would have to get a provisional license first and have restrictions which I do not want and I'm always in Philadelphia working and I'm ...

 Living in north carolina, car has no auto insurance, what can happen?
my husband is in iraq and i dont have a license. we live in north carolina, our insurance currently ended on the 25th of february. i am planning on puttin insurance on it again i was just wondering ...

 Can an insurance company (or police) find out if I received auto body quotes and prove prior damage to a car?
Have damage, got it quoted, didn't fix it, was in an accident which made the damage worse, but I am worried the insurance company will see that I have quotes and deny my claim or book me for ...

Olivia J
How to check my NJ Driving Record Online?
Hi, I am planning to get a new car insurance from my state of New Jersey. I have done a fender bender, 2 years ago and got cleared. I want to make sure it's still not there in my driving record. Is there a fast and easy way, I could check my NJ Driving record online?

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Nathen A
Hai, If you would like to order New Jersey Driving Record ONLINE, there are many websites are offering these days. But I found http://www.newjerseydefensivedrivingonline.com/ will be perfect solution to order your drivers record.

NJ Driving record will contains following information:

1. Driver license/identification card issuances, traffic school and driving exams passed.

2.How many times traffic violations done so far.

3. Speed Crash entries when a traffic citation was issued as a direct result of road accident.

And many more, http://www.newjerseydefensivedrivingonline.com will processes the certificate within 3 to 4 days with speedy delivery options.

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David W
Have you checked the DMV's web site? Here in Indiana we can check our record online after setting up an account with the DMV--name, address, DL#, password, etc.--and paying a small fee, about $4. See if NJ lets you do that.

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I don't know of any ability to do it online here in New Jersey (the state lags behind others when it comes to this sort of thing), but a trip to the MVC office near you will let you get a copy of your abstract.

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Gottlieb Y
There are tons of places where you can get an online quote. http://www.autoadviceonline.com/Auto-Insurance-Quote.html It only takes less than 10 minutes to do.

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