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 Minor car accident no police report and witnesses?
i was involved in a minor car accident (not at fault) have minor whiplash and minor scuff on my bumper just one inch. there was no police report or witnesses and he is denying fault. what should i do....

 MA And NH Teen Driver Liscence Question?
I got my liscence in MA about a month ago. The rules for MA are you cant drive with anyone except siblings for the first 6 months. I drove up to NH today and am here for 2 days. And the rule here is ...

 Ok so in the state of new jersey once your 18 and your going to get your license for the first time do you sta?

Additional Details
start with ur provisional or do u gotta get your permit?...

 I have to carry a 2R22 due to a DUI. While I have the SR22 do I need full coverage insurance.?

Additional Details
or just liability?...

 I need help with my car accident, does my lawyer know what hes doing?
I was hit almost 2 years ago in california. I got an attorney since it was the 2nd person who hit me in 2 months, yeah I know. Well since then I have not received a dime from either accident and now ...

 Best auto insurance company for teen drivers?
which is bestt?? am 17 and getting my first car soon (04 Nissan Altima)...

 How does the US driving system work?
I'm from Canada, so I'm just curious as to how the driving system works in the US.

here, (well in my province), we have three levels, and then we're fully licensed.

 Passenger liability in car door accident? please help...?
Hi there I would like a little advice,

Today I have received a court summons for an accident I was involved in back in May 2007

I have moved address since then and not received ...

 What are monthly car rental rates for an economy sized car?
On average how much would it cost to rent a small compact car for 30 days? I am planning to spend a month in San Diego with family, and I don't want to have to always borrow one of their cars. A...

 Employers asking employees to pay excess on vehicle insurance?
our boss has put a memo out stating that if we have a traffic accident and the company has to pay, the driver must pay the £500 excess, is this legal?
Additional Details
in reply to the ...

 Towing company with claim issues...someone help answer my question?
hello everyone i need some help with answering a few questions.it would be best if someone who operates a towing business or works in a law office answers.i have a small towing company and i recently ...

 Am I over insuring my 2005 Jeep Liberty? 100/300/100?
100 per accident per person for medical bills/up to 300k/100 property damage for the other car

Or should I lower the liability?...

 How do you determine who's at fault?
Borrowed my roommate's car today (I don't have my own, but I've had a license for years w/ no accidents), was going through an intersection (I had looked both ways twice before ...

 How old do you have to be to get a drivers permit in maryland?

 If Jesus is my co-pilot, and I have an auto accident, is he equally responsible for paying the deductible?

 Anybody could give me a estimated how much money do a 18 years olds would pay for a car insurance a full cover?
Anybody could give me a estimated how much money do a 18 years olds would pay for a car insurance a full cover? He is going to buy a 2007 Dodge Durango SLT He will fianced the car on his name! The ...

 Transferring a title?
I bought a car that I want to re-sell (I will not be driving the car). The title still has the name of the person that sold it to me. I have not put insurance on the car. I want to change the title ...

 Does it matter if my license plate is outdated? ?
I live in New York state. I am not driving it anywhere but the apartment i live in wont let me keep it there without plates. So i am using my friends old ones.. Is that against the law?


 Bike Insurance cost for 23y old male?
Just looking to get an idea of how much insurance might be on a bike. I'm 23, male, and i would only start out with a 125CBR or Ninja250. Anyone have any ideas on what i should be looking at for ...

 Is there anyway to get out of a license suspension?
I am 18 years old and i got an underage in Pennsylvania. According to PA state law Penn Dot will suspend your license for 90 days if you receive an Underage Drinking Charge. I drive for work. Is ...

How much will my insurance go up with a DWI?
In 8/08 I was pulled over and charged with a DWI. I am wondering how much my insurance will go up after my insurance company "finds out". Right now, I am insured through esurance and I pay $179/month--this is full coverage with 3 speeding tickets within the past 5 years. I am 23 and I have a Wisconsin driver's license. Does anyone have any previous experience with this, or know the answer to this? I would like educated answers from those who know something about insurance or tickets.

Additional Details
I should mention that my offense is 4th degree DWI. I hear that the degree matters when it comes to whether or not insurance is going to go up.

I just asked my insurance company for an SR-22 form so that I can go to the Wisconsin DMV and obtain an occupational license.

I still don't know how much my insurance will go up!

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Michael S
You must advise your insurers of the offence. If you fail to do so, you will be comitting an offence and the policy would be cancelled leaving you without cover. Insurance companies WILL find out anyway, do the right thing and admit the offence. SLOW DOWN and stay sober might be a useful piece of advice!

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Angela M
Your insurance is going to go up significantly. I had the same thing happen and when they finally "found out" i was dropped immediately. i had a friend tell me that if i had an accident in between the time of the dwi and the coverage drop the car insurance company may have been able to weasel out of the coverage.

after my dwi i went round and round with companies fighting to get coverage and fighting to keep the rates from being jacked up as the months went on. I finally found http://duicarinsurance.com and had multiple quotes from companies fighting over my business. That made me feel much better.

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biker m
You can compare how the insurance quotes would change, for example here - autoinsurance.noneto.com

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