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Courtney W
How much for car accident?
I'm trying to get a ballpark figure of about how much I will get for this car accident i had two weeks ago. They declared the other drive at fault (he ran a red light and claimed he didn't see the light at all..drunks!!) anyways he completely took the front of my car OFF!!! It was horrible. My car is totaled. But i was trying to see about how much i would get for the accident. Like i know his insurance is suppose to give me what my car was worth and then medical bills and pain and suffering i suppose. My car was a 2008 Altma..I looked on Kelly Blue Book and it said that my car is worth $20,645. But i guess i have to get a professional adjuster to get a more accurate number. Anyways so i've only been to the ER 2 times since then and i'm in some pretty bad pain but the meds are managing it. Does anyone have a ballpark figure of how much i might get back. Also has anyone ever dealt with Esurance..that was the driver's insurance company..I have Nationwide and they said they don't know anything about them yet.

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It will depend on a lot of things. They aren't going to give you anything for pain and suffering unless you sue them.

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The insurance will have price limits on what it will pay for damage to your car and your medical bills. If you want to go whine about pain and suffering, you will need to hire a lawyer and sue him. The problem is his insurance won't cover it, so you will be suing an individual. An indivudual (drunk) probably won't have enough money to make him worth suing. A lawyer won't take a case like this unless you were hit by a truck owned by a business (so there is some money to be had) and your personal injury and damage are really significant.

If you have pain controlled with meds and needed nothing more than 2 ER visits, you are going to be fine. You are sounding like you want to make a big profit off of the deal. That's not really how things are supposed to work. You are just supposed to get your car replaced and have your med bills paid. Anything more than that is not really honest.

Sorry you got hurt and hope you heal up well. These things always take way too long to get sorted out with most companies. Hopefully your insurance and his will get it sorted out soon.

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MSAD is pretty much on the money correct in her answer.

another source for the value of your car is edmunds.com;

if you have an outstanding loan and the value of your car is less, they will not pay off your loan;;;;;;;;;;they can only pay what your auto was worth prior to the accident.

no one uses blue book; that is for premium cars, ie car lots
unless your car is an antique or really special, would not qualify.

as for your injuries, i suggest holding off a month or so to verify ok. once you settle, cant come back later and ask for more.
the adjuster will offer your medical bills plus rx; did you lose work? if so, you will need a dr excuse showing unable to work and proof of your wages.

if you went to ER x 2 and some rx, had minor injury.

as for the pain/suffering; they might offer from $500 to 1K over your medical bills, rx and possible lost wages.

now here is something that is a secret in the insurance industry. you claim that the other guy was a "drunk". do you have a copy of the police report showing he was arrested for dui or if they have his bac on it? some police reports show this and some dont. if he was truely drunk and the police report verifies this, then your injury claim is worth more; why;;;;;;;;;insurance companies hate drunks; nor do they want to defend them.

so if proven he was drunk as you said, when they make their 1st offer, remind them he was drunk; dont take the 1st offer; that is just the low end of what they can offer. if proven drunk, you next offer will be much more since they will note to file and most likely go to their manager and ask for more authority.

the difference could be offer of $500 to increased to say $1500 for your pain/suffering.

i had one guy who went to his family dr only. he wanted 5K; i offered him $400; everytime i called him, he kept reminding me that our insured was drunk and wanted 5k; i kept increasing the offers and finally my manager said pay him the 5K; i asked why and he stated we will not defend drunks;

now that was an extreme case and over 10 years ago. if it came up today, most likely would have paid $1500 due to the economy. also this company paid a lot more for their injuries and i had subsequently went to 4 more companies that might have only paid 1K max.

good luck

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loves christmas lights
Is the car paid off yet? No? The insurance carrier will pay off the loan. When this happend to me, I had the car 11 months and I got 1200 to boot, no medical. Next time, I had a paid off car and I got half the value which was low blue book, they take into account the condition of the car preaccident, and how many miles you had on it. So far your medical is probably about a grand in medical. Get physical therapy, go to the Drs, I am not for suing but let me tell you, unless you lose an arm, or do physical therapy for months and months on end etc etc, you barely get anyting not near what you deserve. It needs to be on paper, dr visits, the words the drs use to describe the accident. And yes injuries can get more painful as time goes on. My neck started bothering me months later, I had already settled and now, my neck is bad all the time, and its my money paying for it. Unless you need it, do not settle medical right now, wait until two months before the case will close. Get an accident lawyer if you can its worth sharing the money with them. Its my this or that hurts, not, my car was worth more and I want a better medical. You fight to get a better medical to take care of how much they rip you off on your car settlement. its also your health involved, there is no reason to not get as much treatment and therapy, accidents are really hard on our body with the impact.

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Insurance adjusters go by fair market value, not Kelley Blue Book. I can't guess what your losses would be, but assuming you aren't at fault and the other company accepts blame, your losses will be covered. Your own agent is the best source of information.

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No one here can give you a ballpark on what the other company will offer on your injury claim. A lot depends on the company handling the claim and the negligence laws of the state where the accident happened.

As far as the car goes-- I applaud you for looking into the value of the car. If it is a total loss, the insurance company owes you the fair market value of your car (the Actual Cash Value - ACV). That means, what the car could have sold for given its age, condition, mileage and options.

There are several ways to value a car. IF the company uses a book value....they will use the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) book. No company I know of uses Kelley Blue Book. You can look up the NADA value at www.nadaguides.com Make sure you input the accurate mileage on the vehicle. This is a major factor affecting the value of most cars.

Some companies use a market survey program to value a car. That's not something you can run. But, if they do use one, the adjuster should be able to send you a copy of it so you can review it.

Your best source of information is an adjuster with your company. I don't know that they can give you any specific figures but they can tell you how things work in your state.

As far as the injury goes....as long as you don't get greedy and run up a bunch of unneeded medical bills with the goal of increasing your claim - you should be fine.

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