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 I need to find out who my car insurance is with ?
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How long does it usually take 4 the police to find you're vehicle when it's been stolen?
I have a 98 Jeep Cherokee that truck runs so good and someone stole it Tuesday.The police up here in the Washington DC area seem like they're taking there time.My pocket book and everything was in the truck so I can't get a rental.Any idea on how long it takes b4 they usually recover a stolen vehicle?

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Usually it's found in the first three weeks, or never.

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As long as it takes. Sometimes they don't find them. If you had rental coverage under fire theft and collision on your insurance, you can get the insurance to pay for the rental car of course. If all you had was liability, you're out of luck there. Also, if they find it abandoned along the road, and it has to be towed, you will owe the tow company for towing and storing it and keeping it safe for you.

If you have credit cards that have vanished, you need to call and cancel them, same thing if your check book in missing.

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Depends on what the theives are planning to do with it. Sometimes they don't find it at all. Hopefully it'll turn up in a few days.

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it could take forever

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There is no "average". Depends upon who stole it and why. If if was snatched for joyriding, you might get lucky and get it back in a few days. The cops won't be actively searching for your car, they just don't have the manpower to search for every stolen vehicle. It will be listed on the hot sheets so if it gets pulled over or is reported as abandoned you'll get a call.

If it was stolen by a theft ring it's probably already been dismantled at a "chop shop" for parts or is being loaded on a sea container for export to South America or Eastern Europe as you read this. In that case, it's probably gone forever.

Sorry, those are the facts of life.

Just get a replacement license so that you can get a rental. Notify your credit card companies if you haven't already done so -- the bastards are probably already running up your credit cards if you haven't done that yet.

And if you left the keys in your Jeep, change the locks on your house -- they've got your name, addess, photo, and housekeys. That's NOT good!

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weather it was taken for a joy ride, or to a chop shop,they wont find the car untill its dumped. when my car was stolen, it took 48 hours untill it was dumped. P.S the pocket book and everything ellse is probably gone! you should just start working on geting replacments for all your Credit cards and licences

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Haha, well, do you know where the theif took it? Was it driven out of state? Was it taken for a joyride and dumped? Can't answer these questions? Then how are the police supposed to answer them?
And why would you leave your wallet in your vehicle? That's a pretty basic no-no.

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that all depends on who stole it. professionals would probobly have it taken apart and you'll probobly never see it agin. if some kids took it for a joyride, it could turn up in a couple of weeks or days. good luck.

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about 48 hours

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They are NOT looking for it. If it turns up and they happen to stumble across it then it will be found. People have this vision of the cops out combing the streets and alleys for their one car out of the many that get stolen, especially in DC, but that's not what's happening.

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