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 How long do I have to report an accident to my insurance company?
OK, so I got in an accident and it was my fault (person was parked). I exchanged info with him and we agreed that we would figure out if we were going to just handle it privately or through insurance ...

 I am looking to buy a vehicle with a salvage title that has been register already.?
It has salvage title due to theft recovery. The proper procedures have been taken care of to get it back on the road and it has been registered since. Would there be any fees that I should know about ...

 Insurance for a 17 year old with toyota supra?
How much would insurance be for a 17 year old with a toyota supra non turbo?

and could i get insurence if my dad was put as the main driver and me as an additional driver?

Thank ...

 I have gap for my car and they wont pay for it they say they didnt recieve my faxed paperwork?
i sent them more yesterday and they said they wouldnt recieve the fax till monday how long does it take to get a fax ...

 Are California and Washington State Dept.of Motor Vehicles linked?

 Will my mothers insurance cover me if I drove her car last and it got hit while parked?
Pardon me for being so ignorant in this field but I'm a mere 16 years old :D
We have Liability Insurance, I drove the truck to school this morning and parked it. 50 minutes later it got hit ...

 Who do you think would be the cheapest person to insure for car insurance?
My best guess is they'd probably be female. What job would they do? How old would they be? And what would they pay?

If you don't mind, you could write down your insurance quote ...

 Does any one know of a free website that offers info on auto repair?
I am looking for a free website that offers detailed info on auto repair.Kinda like chiltons or alldata....

 I was hit head on by a car?
I was travelling home from work on thursday morning and an oncoming car lost control on the ice and hit me head on. There are witnesses and the driver of the other car as I can remember hearing him ...

 Do i have to accept my insurance companies decision to total my car?

 Apply for new driver licence?
i move to perth area in may 09( i hold a normal tourist visa subclass 676(six month) can apply with this visa for a new driver licence
i have a permanent resident adress in perth(vacation)...

 Now after buying a car in california will the previous owners tickets be past on to me by the DMV?

 If I have a Japanese driver's license, how can I get a license in California?
I have a license from Japan and I want a license in California as well. What is the actual process for that?...

 Lost my license and it expired?
I live in Ohio and I lost my license when I renewed my tags in december. I needed to renew my license at the time too because I turned 25 but I renewed my tags online so I was waiting to renew my ...

 Am I gonna get my Ls again when I go from WA to NSW?
I'm currently on my Ls here in WA and I only need about 25 hours to complete my logbook. But we're moving to NSW soon and I'm wondering if I should start all over again. Here in WA we ...

 I would like to apply for a Texas Driver's License...Do I need to have a SSN?
I'm an international student, and I do not have a SSN (as I have never worked in the US before)...Do I need to have one in order to apply for a license?
Also, do I need to provide some ...

 Should driving be change from 16 to 18?
some say no b/c when u learn early you be able to drive better then when u are older, but others say yes b/c younger people is in more accidents then anyone else. so, should it change or not, and ...

 What is gap insurance?
i have never heard about this and when i was looking it up i didn't understand what it meant. i guess it has something to do when you buy a new car

help ...

 LEARNER ALERT!!! What is the process for taxing, insuring and MOTing a car?
And are there any other (apart from buying the car) costs that i need to be made aware of before i start driving on my own. (I'm in the UK if that makes a difference) and also what in particular ...

 CA Driving Test- Help to prepare please!!?
I am taking my Drivers license test mid March. I get nervous very easily, and am worried I will fail because of a stupid mistake. It is for California, so maybe that narrows down what we have to do. <...

How long does it take for your tickets to disappear on your driving record?
I was just wondering how long it takes, if it's months or years

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Shawn S
3 years for all minor violations. Speeds, traffic signals, etc.
5 years for all major violations. DUI, failure to control, etc.

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Never, it's permanent.

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Russ A
tickets ( actually the points ) come off after 5 years.
DWI's are a criminal conviction and never come off unless you apply for and receive a pardon.


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well tickets stay on your record but if you mean when does the points come off your license and insurance then it varies between states, in North Carolina its 3 years but like i said it varies between states

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well, it depends on who is looking. I think for insurance and most other purposes it is 5 years.
I know most trucking companies go back 7 years on your record.

And once, I applied for a maintenance position at a local prison where I would supervise the prisoners doing the maintenance, they went back forever. I didn't get the job because I got two D.U.I.s when I was 18.
I Applied for the job 25 years later when I was 43.
So, I suppose the true answer is that they never actually disappear, It just depends on who is looking and how far they want to go back.

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