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 Question on registering the car and odometer number on pink slip???? (10 points)?
okay so me and my husband bought a 94' ford Taurus last year in may from a guy in the navy. well my husband never registered the car in our name. weve been driving it ever since. now the tags ...

 How can i check my driving liecens points?

 How much does a provisional licence cost?? (uk)?
How much will it cost me and how long ruffly will it take to come?
Also is there anyway i can pay more to get it quicker?

Thank u ...

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 What does it mean when your title doesn't clear after you purchase a vehicle from another person?
Hi everyone,

My lover just bought another car and when he went to get the title, he was informed that his title didn't clear? This is in the state of Texas, if any of you have some ...

 FIRST DRIVING lesson in 2 hours !!?
im getting worried now lol XD

what will the instructor make me do on the first ever lesson ??...

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Drive thats all i have to ...

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will i be considered a "new driver?"...

 Insurance on a mustang..?
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 Are SUVs more expensive to insure?
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 How do i check, they stold my car with every thing in it registration, pink slip...?
how can i check for the past owners of a car using the licence plate # of the car
Additional Details
the past owner is not a suspect i need his info because he should have the paper work ...

 How can i convince my mom to let me get my permit?
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 Is there any thing like bike or something that is legal for kids 12/13 to drive in UK ?
if yes can you please send me pictures or a website where you can buy it.
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i dont mean bike i mean ...

 How can I get a title to a car I bought with no title.?
I bought a car with no title and I was wondering if I could get a title for it in. The car was last registered in North Carolina....

 What is the insurance difference between a Honda Civic coupe and a sedan?
Im planning on buying a 2009 Honda Civic coupe, but my parents say that the insurance for a coupe is more expensive, and thus they prefer I get a sedan. theyre probably right, but im wondering how ...

 Can some one explain to me how to get a PA drivers' license?
New Jersey driver's license is complicated. I would have to get a provisional license first and have restrictions which I do not want and I'm always in Philadelphia working and I'm ...

Baby Blue
How long does it take allstate? (see details)?
I was in an accident friday afternoon and by the time I was able to call Allstate it was about 8:00 p.m.
My car is def. totaled just by looking at it. I was not in the wrong but the other driver also had allstate.
How long should it take before they inspect my vehicle, process all the information, do what they have to do?
How long before i get my money to buy a new car????

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i have farmers but usually big insurance businesses are really fast at working.
When i called farmers the next day they had an agent come out and write a check.
You should keep calling. Insist that you need transportation.

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I was in an accident friday afternoon and by the time I was able to call Allstate it was about 8:00 p.m.

Good, that seems to indicate you contacted your agent, and reported the accident. Of course it is going to take some time for the adjuster to gather up all the information, and a day or so before the police report is ready.

My car is def. totaled just by looking at it. I was not in the wrong but the other driver also had allstate

Only the adjuster can determine whether or not your car is a total, you aren't qualified to make that decision. I've been in the towing business for years, and occasionally *I* even guess wrong. You'll have to wait until they have accomplished all they need to do and send out the adjuster. In the mean time you can probably get a rental if you need one. Even though the other party has the same parent company, Allstate, it doesn't mean they have the same policy or agent. It does help somewhat that Allstate is talking to themselves, it could speed things up.

How long should it take before they inspect my vehicle, process all the information, do what they have to do?

As long as it takes, see the first answer for that discussion.

How long before i get my money to buy a new car????

Never. Just because you had an accident doesn't mean anyone is going to buy you a new car. If you're found not at fault, you will be compensated for your loss. If it's economically feasible, they will fix your car, if not they will total it, and give you fair market value for it, adjusted for condition. And you will only get that assuming their isn't a lien holder on the car. If there is, the lien holder has first claim on any compensation you receive. If that amount is less than what you owe, you will have to make up the shortfall unless you have GAP insurance in place that would make that up in the case of a total loss. If that amount is more than what you owe, it will eventually reach you, but not be enough to buy a new car in any case.

If you have any questions, the person best equipped to answer will be your own agent. I do wish you well.

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Nate W
You should get a call today from an adjuster. They will want to set up a time to look at the car. Once they have inspected the car and they decide the car will cost to fix than it is worth, they will usually offer you a check right there on the spot. They should also provide you with a rental car in the meantime.

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