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I had a suspension on my licenses but now I can finally get my drivers permit. Do you have to take the driving test when you go for your permit? What do you do exactly?
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Cool Chica
How do you get your driver's permit when you're homeschooled?
I live in North Carolina,and I turned 15 last month.

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I'm not sure about NC but in WA you can get your permit when you are 15 if you are enrolled in driver's ed, or when youre 15 1/2 if you just go down to the DMV and take a written test (its pretty hard) but then if you take the test to get it you dont have to take it to get your license. Look in your phone book for driver's ed locations near you. I've heard some schools offer it, but nowhere around my house did so i just went to a commercial driver's ed place.

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Ethan M
nothing more different than regular schools do it

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Go to the DMV and take the written test. Take an online prep session online before to help you.

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♥ Shortie ♥
there r local drivers ed classes u can sign up 4 too they dont just go through the schools

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George A
Getting the permit is the same process. The only difference for you may be your parents may have an additional form to fill out proving that you are home schooled & not a drop out since you will not be registered in any schools & now most states have attendance & grade requirements to get or keep your license.

How you take the mandatory Driver's Ed course is what will be different for you if the public schools in your district offer D.E as an elective class.

In your case, your parents will probably have to enroll you in a state certified driving school that they will have to pay for themselves.

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Soul to Squeeze
go to the dmv and take the test but i think you need to wait until your 16 or whatever is the age requirement for that state

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Cant you just take the class online.

What does being home schooled have to do with it.

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josh j
just go to the dmv

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If your homeschooled, your parents will teach you, and then take you to a local driving test,

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Get an affadavit from your "umbrella" or oversight committee, and bring it in as proof that you are not a dropout. At least that is how it works in Maryland. Call your DMV to double check what kind of documents they need in your state.

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call the dmv; but you should be able to get an affidavit that you're being home schooled and not a dropout, and your parents will get to teach driver's ed too!

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You will need to take a state-approved course and pass it, and have a Driver's Eligibility Certificate from the chief administrator of the home school in which you are enrolled.

Assuming you are of legal age, you must take in two forms of ID (like a birth certificate), with your DEC and proof you passed your course, to the DMV to take the written, sign and vision tests.

Good luck!

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Cassandra (ILY Vince)
Same way as you would normally i would think??
I live in Canada though so i might be wrong.
go to an insurance place and ask.
It shouldnt matter if your homeschooled?

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Daniel M
I was homeschooled all my life, and I got a learners permit first. You go and get a book from the DMV (don't know if it's called that there), then when you memorize all the rules, you go take a written test and are issued a learners permit, which allows you to drive a car as long as an adult with a license is present. Then in a couple of months after you have driven a certain amount of miles, you can go and take a actual driving test and then you will be issued your license if you pass. You can fail and re take the test several times.

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