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 Can anyone tell me the difference between an 02 car number plate and a 52 plate please?

 My friend has no car insurance..?
he has no car insurance and just hit a car right now. the street was slippery from the rain and the breaks didnt help. what happens when you have no car insurance and you hit someone? help please. im ...

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We were driving down a ice covered dirt road in ...

 Do have to have a permit license to do the road test for a drivers license?
I am in Florida over 18yo.
Additional Details
I had a learner permit from another country for 1 year....

 I was in an accident that was the other drivers fault, and did not call the police.?
I was pulling into a gas station parking lot, and the another driver backed into my car. It clearly seems to be that the other driver is at fault, and she admitted negligence. I did not call the ...

 Driving without insurance and full license?
If you get caught driving without insurance and on a provisional license by yourself, how long can you expect to be banned for and how big a fine would you normally get?
Additional D...

 If i own my car out right would it be best to have full coverage or just liability insurance?

 I got a producer when i was not even driving the car, Can they do that? even if i was not driving the car.?
I was not driving the car at the time and the police did not see me driving the car, i know its no insurance on the car but it was parked out side my mates house, Can they still give me a producer?...

 My car was stolen, and my insurance is giving me a hard time... What to do?
My car was stolen in January, when I was visiting my family in NY. Since then, I reported the theft to the NYC police, as well as the bank along with the insurance company. I later got a ride from ...

 My car tax runs out on 30th April, but my mot runs out in less than 30 days. Can i still tax my car or not.?

 Why has my insurance quote more than doubled with a cheaper vehicle?
I'm really puzzled - my brother and I have decided to swap rustbuckets as I need something a bit better on motorways and he has always coveted my VW campervan. I've been getting insurance ...

 Is it cheaper to insure a motorcycle or scooter?

 Who owns a car the person on the log book or the person who paid for it?

 What should i Do? I failed My License Test?
So i turned 17 a few days ago on March 4th and in the morning i went to take my driving test in Lodi New Jersey.....i was the first person to go and the first thing i had to do was parallel park...i ...

 Americredit is lienholder and car totaled in accident and no collision. What happens?
I wonder if the company will charge penalities for damage as well as the amount owed....

 I was driving a car with no insurance and got into an accident. the other driver was at fault. can i sue them?

Additional Details
I was driving the car but I didn't know the car was uninsured. Someone crashed into me and they got the ticket for being at fault. I didn't get a ticket for ...

 Is there anyone who thinks that car insurance is a ripoff?
We pay so much in car insurance and have yet to have a wreck or anything. Not to mention the ridiculous amount for car tags. (Thank God)I say it is a rip off because my grandmother had insurance with ...

 Can Hit and Run increase my insurance rate?
I parked my car on the street and found on the next morning that it was hit.
If I report this to the insurance company, will my premium get increased? It wasnt really my fault that somebody hit ...

 Insurance Right-Offs?
My son had his car written off about 3 weeks ago, the insurance company say they are waiting for documentaion from the DVLC before they will pay his claim out which they say they will, all is 100% ...

 If someone borrowed your car and totaled it coulld their insurance be responsible?
I'm from Washington State, One of my friends was driving my car because I was to tired and he ended up totalling it (no other cars were involved). He has full coverage because he's ...

How do i get my drivers license without taking a road test ?

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steve l
lol go to afghan they cant drive anyway longs it goes forwards and back you will get liscense how sad is that

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...Why would you want to? You're getting a license to DRIVE...It's like studying for a basketball game. Doesn't make sense IMO.

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Sleep with the instructor?

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i can only hope that there is no place that's dumb enough to license someone to drive without a practical exam first.

if you do find such a place, flee immediately.

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get on your knees and aim to please...

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In the usa, you have to take and pass a behind-the-wheel test.

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sleep with the gov's daughter

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Move to Pennsylvania. You only have to drive on the test course.

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ya dont

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You can't. George Ryan is in jail for allowing this type of thing.

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Sorry, but you can't. Driving is an earned privilege...not a right. You earn the privilege by passing a road test that proves you are capable of handling the vehicle and obeying the rules of the road.

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