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 Fake in insurance in court!?
well basically i want teh truth.. not what is "ethically correct". my firend here is convinced that if he takes is insurance card to court to prove that he had insurance when he got pulled ...

 Can people with down syndrome drive cars or get their drivers license?

 Personal plates?
has any one been stopped for adapting thier personal plate
ie if you have 11 in your number and put a black bolt in the middle and it looks like a H has this ever happen to ...

 Im 16 and got a Speeding Ticket?
okay im 16, and i was going 53 in a 40 with my sisters car, her car is not insured, but mine is, i live in Ca, and i did not have my licence with me or know my licence number, so when the cop asked ...

 I made an automobile insuance claim in an accident that we were at fault?
we rolled behind into the other party's car in a rental car (we took out the CDW insurance) at the time we exchange insurance information. I called my insurnace and made the claim. A year and ...

 Does my insurance have to know if I was in an accident?
I was in a very minor accident the other day. I got rear ended and the person who hit me claimed responsibility and was willing to pay for any damages. We exchanged contact information and left it at ...

 Advice on driving lessons?
I am a diaster when it comes to driving tests, i've failed 5 tests over 15 years and havent taken a test or sat in a car since 1999. I really want to pass my test this year, my last instuctor ...

 I bought a car from a guy i used to work with he took the plates from license plates from me?
is it ok for him 2 do that?? wut if i get pulled over for driving without the plates?? i live in kc, missouri where do i go to get the car in my name and get plates?!?! its the first car ive bought ...

 What determines car insurance prices?
I'm going to get my first car soon. im 20 years old, been driving for a while, clean record. someone told me that the car you drive really makes a difference in the insurance price. Ive heard ...

 I had a car stolen if not recovered does the insurance pay off the loan balance or blue book value?

 Where can i find out who a car is regiestered too by a number plate?
hiya people,
i really need to know this, coz i need to find a family friend to let her know some family business. So this is really important to me, so please help if you can.
thankz ...

 Are we responsible for my 17 y/o stepson-Mom let him quit school & lets him drive w/o license or insurance?
He stopped communication with us, we are "too strict". He lives with his mom, she let him drop out of his Junior year in high school, buys his cigars & cigs, lets him stay the night w/...

 Do Car Insurance Companies Verify Marraige?
My girlfriend and I have the same last name, a baby, and we live together. For all intents and purposes, we are married, just not legally. If I apply for car insurance, do I have to give proof that ...

 When getting an auto insurance quote, can you lie?
if you lie to get discounts, can they find out and do anything? i'm about to buy new insurance, and they ask if you had any violations in the past 6 months, and i do, but if i skip that part, ...

 How do you update your car registration? Do you get something in the mail?

 My friend car accident, not his fault, but he no insurance, no registration. what happens?
My friend got into a car accident. He was hit by someone but it was not his fault. The problem is - he does not have insurance (not even basic- nothing) and his car is not registered. He called the HI...

 I was in a car accident and it was my fault , i have full coverage dose the person sue me or my insurance?
some people are telling me they sue the insurance but if they are asking for more then what my insurance covers they will try to take the rest of the money from me. Also, somone said if they aren'...

 I take my road test to get my license in a week! Im terrified, what can i do to assure i pass it? HELP?
I just turned 18 a month ago & my mom has been begging me to get my license. In my state, once you turn 18, you dont have to take drivers ed, you can just take the written test and the road test &...

 Does your auto insurance go up when you take drivers ed or does it go up when you get your license?

 A question about drivers license?
I live in NYC never driven before or know anything about drivers license. Where should I begin?...

How do i get my car in my name and out of my dad's name??
my car has been in my dads name since i was 18 and im 21 now how do i change this over to my name what are the steps i need to take?

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You and your Dad need to visit the secretary of state office.
They will convey title.
I hope you speak Spanish.

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Sophie B
Check with the DMV office in your state..all of them are different...

In Missouri you transfer the title, reinspect and buy new plates..
You need title, inspection, proof of insurance, proof that you paid personal property taxes, when you go...

Another way in missouri is to go to DMV, have your name added to title... when new title comes back.. take it to DMV and have them remove your dads name....

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Benjamin C
Make a deed of sale from your Dad, have it notarized. File it at the transport office where the car is registered, change of ownership.

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if you owe money on the vehicle you have to refinance, in your name alone. basically like hes sellin it to you.
if u dont owe anything then you go to the dmv and he can sign it over to you

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You need to change owners on your log book. Its a blue coloured document that you should have. just fill in the details and send it off.

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He needs to sign it over to you- and then you take it to motor vechile and get a new title. Bring a check!

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Simple---- have dad sign the title in front of a notery of the public and then go to the DMV and pay your 6 dollars to have it put in just your name.

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On the back of the title there should be a place for your Dad to fill out signing the title over to you. You may be responsible for tax or fees, depending on the value of the car.

Good Luck

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your dad has to sign over the title to you, and then you go to the DMV and transfer the plates into your name, simple as that. =]

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If your father has 100% ownership of the vehicle (posseses the title), then your father will have to sign the back of the title under the "Seller" section, and you will fill out the information as the "buyer". Take the title into your local DMV and they will process and send you a corrected title. Then it is yours.

If the vehicle has a lien holder, the the registration can be changed and when paid off, put into your name. To change the regestration, your local DMV may require (depending on the state) for you to get a notarized statement of sale (eben if no money changes hands) from your father, to you, and then they can change the registration to only your name.

Good luck

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