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andy f
Hi,can i insure my daughters car in my name, even though the car is registered in her name?
she is only eighteen, and it can be quite expensive for her.

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Brown Pit named Blue
No, because if something ever happens to her car and it is totaled, the insurance company will need you to send them the title and it better have your name on it, or you have committed insurance fraud.

Some people get away with it until something happens.

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You are better of comparing different insurance companies to get the best rate. You can check out
http://compare-car-insurance-rates.mobi if you want

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Nate W
You can add her and her car to your policy if she is still apart of your household and/or lives in your home.
You have to have all owners as named insured drivers on the policy. So you cannot add the car but not her to your policy; it has to be both.

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My daughter has a car and we were in exactly the same position.
All we did was for her to insure it in her name with me as a second driver and this brought the payment right down.

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MiZz RuBy
yep! when i first got my car my dad was the main person insured and i was added on! cheaper!

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You can insure the car in your name with your daughter as a named driver. While this may get her on the road, its a short term fix. You surely must know that she should be trying to build up a no claims bonus ASAP.
Insure the car for the first year, giving her time to gain some practical experience. After that, she should insure the car herself. ( a little financial help is a fathers perogative )

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Best read this article before you do it:

It's known as "fronting".

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Dennis - 1
Your problem would be that if you daughter or you was to make a claim and the insurance company decided to investigate the claim and they discovered that you daughter is actually the main driver they could reject the claim as fraudulent.

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michael h
Yes you can. However you must add your daughter as a named driver and read the small print - some companies will ask who is the principle/main driver. If there was ever a claim you very rarely use it, then it could present a problem.

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David W
WelshLad gave you the best advice, by far; the insurance companies know what you're trying to do, and they're ahead of you. Just bite the bullet and pay the extra instead of trying potential insurance fraud.

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* ~ Ai Aimi ~ *
I know exactly what you mean - I'm 28 and the insurance in my name is still so high!!

The car I drive is registered in my name, and the insurance is in my mums.

A lot of insurance companies know what it's like, and they do allow you to insure the car in your name rather than your daughters. Just keep checking!!

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