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Got ticket for not having front license plate.?
I lived here in Chicago all of my life. I was recently issued a parking ticket for not having my front license plate. And the price was $50! My car {04 Nissan Maxima} has no holes in the front to put my plate. So how does this work? Should I contest this ticket and not pay for it? Or is this perfectly ilegal?

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j k
I would look into that more before paying it. Strangely I live in NJ but my car came from Illinois and it did not have holes for a front license plate as I was told in Illinois you don't need a front license plate but in NJ you do. You can create the holes to put it on it just seems weird that this has never happened before and now you're getting a ticket. See if the law changed and if there's any kind of grace period or not that gives everyone time to change the plates. Very strange though.

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In Washington state you must have a front license plate. If you got a ticket I assume that you must in IL also. Did you buy the car brand new? Could this be an aftermarket bumper?

I would probably pay the fine and figure out how to mount a plate on the front.

In some instances things are grandfathered in. If you have an older car that was not made with seat belts then you do not have to install or wear them in that car. I have a 68 Chevelle that only has a driver side mirror. I do not have to install a passenger side mirror.

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Pay it. My dad drilled holes in the front of my car b/c i live in Ohio and they require a front license plate.

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George A
Here is a list of all of the states that require only 1 license plate:

As you can see, IL is NOT on that list, so 2 plates are required.

You will not be able to win if you try to fight the citation, the laws are on their side & you have no defense just because your car doesn't have a front plate mount. You can purchase generic plate holders at most auto parts stores, or go to the dealership that sells your model vehicle & get a custom fit mount for your model car.

The only chance you have of having the citation reduced or dismissed is to go to DMV & get your car legal by getting both plates & install them before your court date then see if the judge will treat it as a fix-it citation & waive the penalty since you have fixed the violation & have both plates installed.

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Scott H
If the state of Illinois issues two license plates, one must be on the front and one must be on the rear. It doesn't matter what you have to do to mount one on the front, just get it on there. Oh, and pay the ticket. You can't beat this one.

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Some states require both a front and rear license plate, and some only require a rear plate. Perhaps your car was originally sold in a state that does not require the front plate. You can drill two holes in the bumper or go the the neighborhood Nissan dealer and have a factory front plate bracket installed.

If Illinois requires a front plate then you're guilty. Just pay the ticket. Neither violation (parking, missing plate) is a moving violation and will not affect your insurance or appear on your driving record. By the way, do you have the front plate? If not, you'll have to go to the DMV and request a new set of plates (they won't make just one). There will be a small fee for that.

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