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Expired license plates?
can you be arrested for expired license plates

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yes of course. If you're license plate is expired it means that you're car is not registered and that's a big no no

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chuck t
any time you are issued a ticket that is a form of arrest. the citation is issued as a courtesy. your attitude makes all the difference in the world. most police officers will not arrest you for just expired license plates as long as your insurance has not lapsed too.

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The answer is yes, but there have to be other factors.

Operating a motor vehicle with expired license plates or expired registration status is only a traffic infraction. Traffic infractions can be dealt with by issuing a summons/ticket or the infraction observed. At worst, depending on how expired the plates are, you could receive a summons/ticket and have the vehicle towed.

As for being arrested, there would have to be other factors such as the driver doesn't have verifiable identification (license, passport, immigration I.D. card, military I.D. card). Then a person could be arrested, that arrest could be voided at a precinct if someone brings the driver's license to the precicnt and then see above.

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Technically, you can be arrested for breathing - all this is "at the officer's discretion". Normally, they would just give you a ticket unless the cop doesn't like you - for example, you are black, and he - white. Or vise versa.

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Scott H
Not likely, but your vehicle can get impounded.

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No. but if the Police gets you, he can write you up a ticket and impound the car (meaning that the car has to stay somewhere else) and you would have to get transportation, and get the registration renewed before you can drive it away.

It happened to a friend of mine.

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dodge man
you can ,but in most cases the just issue you a ticket ,and when you get the plates re-newed ,the dis-miss the ticket,its just a lot of hassle usually,but very seldom does anyone get arrested unless they have other violations against them ,good luck.

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Rhymes with Orange
Depends on who you are and where you are. Here in the US (I'm in Texas) It's unlikely you'd be arrested. But you will definately get a ticket. But here in TX you will get what is called a "Fix it" ticket. Meaning you get the plate renewed, take proof of the renewal to the court and the judge will dismiss the ticket ( but you do have to pay a small court fee). Of course the cop is within his right to impound the vehicle if he chooses especially if you also do not have proof of insurance or proof of ownership. But you won't get arrested.

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some random guy
arrested no. Fined yes. if you dont pay your fines, they can suspend your license. then if you continue to drive with a suspended license..well you see where this is going...it can eventually lead to an arrest. so just pay for your stickers. and in order to pay for your stickers you gotta pay off all your tickets. stupid government

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No, but you will get a fine and then required to show up at court proving you renewed your vehicle. They may not let you drive it home if they catch you, but I could be wrong on that one (if you do not have insurance they definitely will not let you drive home)

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