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 Good insurance companies..I want to switch my car insurance..I need advice?
I have my auto insurance with Allstate and they're just ripping me off. They're always bringing up the prices yearly and I want to know where I can get a better offer. My car is a 2004 E...

 In Michigan, how long do I have to wait after taking segemnt 2, to take my road test?

 No road tax, insurance or MOT?
My girlfriend is 60 and being taken to court for no road tax, insurance and MOT. She also did not stop for police. Looking at the summons They say a by a police WOMAN when she was reported by a ...

 My first license. Live in MD. What do i do?
ok, so i just moved to MD and i am finally trying to get my first drivers lisence. I am 19 yrs old. I have my countries passport and 2 forms of documents to prove i live in MD. What other things do i ...

 Vehicle Help Please ............................
I need to redo my registration for car online but it is saying I need Va emission ID number for va I am in NY on military training. My car is registered in VA would I need to drive back 5 hrs to get ...

 What to do if i was hit from behind and car behind me is saying someone hit her and they took off.?
Her insurance is saying they will not pay since it was the person who hit her made her hit me. There was no damage to her car to show someone hit her. cops came out but no report was taking since we ...

 Honda s-mx import, how much car tax?
Hi im looking to buy a honda SMX 2 litre. The one im looking at is a 1997 model and it was imported in 2007 from japan to england. So my question is does this affect the new car tax rules its on a P ...

 Can I insure a vehicle in one state and operate in another?
Scenario: To avoid CARB issues (california) I'm going to title, register and insure my vehicle in arizona with a family member as a co owner and operate it in california. Will this work? Why ...

 I am possibly buying a car tommorow and have a few questions.?
I live in North Carolina, and I am going to South Carolina to get the car. The dealer and I have agreed on a price. What I am wondering about is, when i get back home to NC what do i need to do? ...

 Can i get a driver license now. it was revoked for 2 yrs. in it going to be 2 years in april of this yea?
i got my license revoked for 2 yrs. the 2 yrs will be up in april of this year. can i get my license before april....

 Insurance ticket if I don't have the car anymore but I still need to bring insurance to court.?
I got a driving with out insurance and a exsesive smoke ticket and driving on an expired license. They towed my car. Since the ticket I have gotten my license and the tow place that has my car I just ...

 Why is Comprehensive and Collision mandatory if I'm financing my vehicle?
Why don't I have the option to decline these coverages if I'm financing. Those are coverages for my car not, someone else's. The only reason I have insurance is for other people's ...

 DMV change of address?
The DMV has sent my registration renewal from to an address that is not mine(I have lived at my current address for 8 years, the address they sent it to is a complete stranger), and they will not ...

 Getting a license in ny state?
im 16 and already drove 20 hours wit a parent what do i do now do i need to take anything else to dmv an if i get a junior license can i get it changed to sr if i do a 5 hour course IM CONFUSED...

 Does anyone know the Oregon Revised Statute that states that drivers may not pump their own gas?
im looking for any information regarding drivers nor being able to pump their own gas in O...

 What do you think of a boy teenager getting this car.?
Well I am going to be getting a car towards the end of the year and I want to know what you think of this car.
It is a dark green 2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Baurer with 83,000 miles. It is not a ...

 Muscle Car Insurance Rates?
Well, I'm an 18 year old male and I've managed to stumble across a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda being sold for a reasonable price and in pretty good condition. It's been my dream car for a ...

 Any suggestions on first time driver insurance in the nyc area?
I need suggestions on good affordable insurance, keep in mind Im a first time driver....

 If your drivers license is suspended in Pa can you get one in MI?

 Driving without a licenced person, while having a permit?
Alright so i am 15, and have my permit. i was recently pulled over in IL, for something, and was not driving with a person 21 years or older. The cop ended up letting me go with nothing, just called ...

Drivers ed help please?
1. Which is NOT a part of the highway transportation system? (1 point)
2. What are the two categories used to explain the basic costs of mobility? (1 point)
crash and noncrash costs
vehicular and non-vehicular costs
mobility and non-mobility costs
cost-benefit ratios
3. In the United States, the total cost of motor-vehicle crashes has been estimated at more than ___________ billion dollars every year. (1 point)
4. The way you weigh the benefits you receive from driving is called the (1 point)
benefit evaluation.
cost analysis.
cost-benefit ratio.
map scale.
5. When an authorized emergency vehicle approaches going the same direction as you, you should (1 point)
move to the far left and stop.
move to the far right and stop.
stop where you are.
drive faster.
6. Yellow lines (1 point)
are used in high occupancy vehicle lanes.
indicate optional lanes.
mark lanes for traffic moving in the same direction.
may be single, double, solid, or broken.
7. The point of driver education is to teach a first-time driver (1 point)
useful knowledge about driving.
management of visibility, time, and space.
awareness of limiting factors.
all of the above.
8. Driver education isn't just about driving. It also explains (1 point)
how your personality/state of mind can affect your driving.
how to maneuver and control your vehicle.
how alcohol impairs your ability to drive.
all of the above.
9. In 1995, federal law was changed to establish a maximum speed limit (1 point)
to be set by each individual state.
of 55 miles per hour.
of 65 miles per hour.
of 70 miles per hour.
10. Motor-vehicle crashes kill _____ percent of people between the ages of 15 to 20. (1 point)
11. The noncrash costs of driving include (1 point)
operating costs.
fixed costs.
environmental costs.
all of the above.
12. One of the foundations for effective driving is (1 point)
understanding options and choices.
taking charge.
trusting that other drivers know what you're going to do.
being a nice person.
13. Risk of collision an be minimized if you (1 point)
wear your seatbelt.
drive the speed limit.
talk on the phone while driving.
both A and B.
14. Administrative laws establish the procedures for (1 point)
issuing and removing driver's licenses.
choosing vehicle types.
selecting an insurance company.
financing a vehicle.
15. If your license is revoked, after the time of revocation is finished, you must (1 point)
send a letter of apology.
apply for another driver's license.
continue driving like before.
pay a fine.
16. Posted speed limits tell you (1 point)
how fast to drive.
the maximum speed at which you can drive under the best conditions.
the slowest speed at which you can drive under the best conditions.
what speed to set your cruise control.
17. Several states have enacted laws restricting the use of ____ while driving. (1 point)
windshield wipers
cell phones
makeup mirrors
18. Which statement is false? (1 point)
You should always yield the right-of-way to any emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, that has its sirens on and lights flashing.
You should always yield the right-of-way to people who are blind and carrying a white cane or using a guide dog.
You should always yield the right-of-way to cars entering the roadway when they're going in your direction.
You should always yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, especially those using crosswalks.
19. The basic speed law states that you must (1 point)
drive with the flow of traffic.
drive at the speed at which you feel comfortable.
stay within 10 miles per hour of the speed limit.
always drive at a speed that is reasonable and proper for existing conditions.
20. An example of reckless driving would be (1 point)
driving under the influence.
listening to the radio while driving.
singing while driving.
driving in the rain.
21. The purpose of a regulatory sign is to (1 point)
control the movement of traffic.
tell you how to get where you're going.
explain the rules of the road.
regulate how much traffic is on the road.
22. If you stop at a four-way stop at the same time the car to your right has reached its stop sign, (1 point)
you both should go.
you must let the driver on the right go first.
you both should wait.
the driver on the right must let you go first.
23. As you approach a yield sign, you should (1 point)
slow down and check oncoming traffic.
check traffic behind you.
search left and right for traffic.
do all of the above.
24. When you see a pedestrian or school-zone sign, you must (1 point)
stay in the left lane.
increase your speed.
slow down and proceed with caution.
only pay attention if you can see pedestrians or school children.
25. You cannot pass another vehicle on a road when (1 point)
two solid, double lines divide the roadway.

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dude its so easy

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I don't want to drive on the road with somebody who cheated on their driver's ed homework :/

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